Is there a JCI archon associated with the energy of hatred?

I can’t find any info about this anywhere.

I would probably go with Yaldabaoth, as his described actions could be characterized as acts of hatred (from the perspective of the gnostic lore that describes him, that is).



And is there one specifically associated with the energy of guilt?

Maybe try out Sabaoth. In some gnostic writings it is suggested that Sabaoth is the son of Yaldabaoth and that he repented of his fathers deeds (and pushed him off his throne at some point) when he heard the voice of Sophia for the first time. I would interprete Sabaoths story in these writings - feeling bad for his fathers sins and rejecting his parents deeply, later being installed as the seventh heavens throne warmer- as a story of atonement, which always walks hand in hand with a feeling of guilt.

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I’ve never heard such things before. Where did you read about this or was it your own personal gnosis?


Please don’t make me swear my life on it but the last part I mentioned most certainly came up in the “On the origin of the World”, a segment of text thats either in the first or second codex of the Chenoboskion Manuscripts (you could try to search for “The Gnostic Gospels” on Google, it consists of 13 codices. When these scripts have been found they lacked a bunch of pages, though)

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I’ve read some of the Helena Blavatsky work if that’s what you mean.

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Not quite, I am referring to whats called the Nag Hammadi Library :slight_smile: The “On the origin of the World” script is included there, amongst “The Hypostasis of the Archons”, but I am rather sure that the gnostic writings about Sabaoth that I’ve mentioned in this thread are from “On the origin of the World”.

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Very nice… It’s good to make that distinction for those who may have been ignorant to this subject. Thanks

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