Is there a god who is patron of men?

This is not meant to be a political post. So, please don’t make it one. But is there a god who is patron of men and mens’ needs and lifestyles?


I would look to strongly masculine entities, especially in the Norse tradition which had very clearly defined values around masculinity and what was expected of men.

Odin the Allfather, Thor as protector and warrior, Frey as father, head of household and protector, and Baldur the beautiful in particular.

I don’t see this as needing to go into identity politics: please feel free to use the flag system to let us know if people go in that direction. Preaching and moralising are also against the rules here. :+1:

For boys up to 16, Apollo. For masculinity in general, Ares. Unless your name is Diomedes :upside_down_face:

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Actually, I’m not asking about masculinity. Throughout my life, masculinity has often meant ridiculous social standards, such as having to take responsibility for others but not being allowed to ask for or need help myself. I can’t stand that way of thinking, and really hate anyone who pronounces it as if it’s some form of gospel. I am a human being with my own needs and desires, not a soulless machine that only exists to serve others.

Goddesses who act as patrons of women (presumably) help protect them and serve their needs. That’s what I’m looking for, gods who specifically can understand the male perspective and are willing to help protect and aid men in their own unique struggles instead of preaching about what society says they have to do versus what they choose to do.

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You may be better off then just choosing a spirit you like a lot, explain your issue and ask for their friendship. Just an idea.

The gods we suggested so far are the equivalent of these goddesses.

I would still go with Odin, who shrugs off the norms and did his own thing, sacrificed himself to himself to gain the knowledge of all and develop the Runes, gave up an eye to let it sit in Mimir’s well so he sees within and without at the same time.

Odin as the strongest of the gods seeks only wisdom: This is Why Odin Sacrificed His Eye in Norse Mythology – Scandinavia Facts

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The great God Pan and Cernunnos

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If you’re looking for non traditional definitions of male divine you might have to look outside the ones that provide the gender norms, dionysus, pan, apollo, hermes, perhaps have wider scopes on non traditional masculinity or you maybe be drawn to goddesses that appear to have more warrior like traits ishtar for e.g. love & war. Obviously there are probably loads more, so you will have to see what attracts you on your research journey.

These dudes are apparently pretty down to truck.

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I would also suggest creating your own spirits that can serve your needs, then share it with the group.

@Keteriya has a tutorial for creating servitors.


All this have nothing to do with masculinity… A society don’t give 2 shit about a man’s issues and therefore the gods are not like the goddesses. Gods and goddess are all shaped by gender norms, so the best for you as a man is to seek some of these gods people mentioning. Learn from them. Grow from them.

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Archangel Samael can help with “male issues.”

I’ve heard Gabriel helps with things like that, Samael would definitely be a go to but I’d say he’s a little more on the aggressive side but he can also be calm and collected too

Ingus Salore which is the ruler of the dragons of fire is a really good option in my opinion, ive worked with him and he taught me a lot my first meditation with him, he also gives techniques to raise masculine energy too, he’s got a wingman type of vibe too and helps with women and I guess shaping your external perception of yourself to be more masculine but he also does put you through tests so you become more conscious and self aware of masculine energy

Training masculine energy can be tricky because you have to be careful not to become desensitized of your emotional Feminine side, I don’t know about the others but I’ve worked with Samael however I wouldn’t recommend him to overly sensitive people because his energy may turn you into a darker masculine archetype if you’re not level headed, doesn’t mean it’s bad it’s just not for everyone from my experience but I’d still give him a go too, I’m sure people have had many different experiences with him