Is there a difference

Between LHP pratictioners and Humanists?

I’m beginning to wonder that myself… Most people I’ve seen who proudly promote their left hand path status seem to have very humanistic beliefs and standpoints.

I for one, do not hold humanistic beliefs. In fact, I am repulsed by such beliefs. I don’t consider myself LHP or RHP. I don’t know what my path is called. I simply embrace demons and further my relationships with them. I desire to be more like them and be consumed by their black essence. Lose my humanity. Journey as deep into the murky blackness as I can and never return. My bond with demons is quite deep and I grow in power under their tutelage. They are all I care about now.

I embrace energies, demons, and magick that are anti-life(not necessarily death magick) and unnatural. It’s a rabbit hole that may lead to my own demise one day.


Maybe, maybe not. :wink:

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