Is there a Demon to make me irresistible?

I was just wondering if there was a demon to make you irresistible?

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In terms of lust? Friendship? Elaborate.

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just to be wanted.

As @Prophet asked, “wanted” in what way? Sexually? To be sought after for your talent? To be seen as charismatic? To have an obsessive admirer/stalker?

Your term is too vague. Please elaborate as to what you mean by “wanted,” because there are different demonic options for each definition.


To have an obsessive admirer

That is just asking for trouble as obsession never ends well, but any demon of lust should be able to foster that in someone. Asmodeus comes to mind.


I recommend him too


Why those Asmodeus come To mind doesn’t he destroy or make chaos in relationships or someones life if asked ?

If you ask him to. He can also set you up with a booty call.

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Beleth is a demonic king who specializes in manipulation of emotions.

I’ve been following the female aspect. An alternate spelling is Byleth, and I’ve been drawn to pronounce it that way.
Beleth has been teaching me to control my own emotional state, which is a good skill to have. When I’m doing it right, the results are obvious. My interactions with my wife and co-workers have been much more sucessful. People act like I’m the best worker ever. They constantly thank me for doing my job the same way I always have. People have given me small gifts for no reason, as if I had done something really nice for them. Girls smile more and start more conversations, but I’m all about my wife and I think Byleth wants me to keep it that way :wink:

I’m new to demonology, so take that however you like. Beleth has shown up and worked without a ton of effort on my part. 10/10 so far.


But don’t you have to use a hazel wand and make a triangle and command the demon to go into the triangle?

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I haven’t done anything like that.
My style has been strongly influenced by atheism. I’ve spent most of my time seeking personal influence over arcane energies.
I have a sigil that I have opened and charged with various workings, but my rituals are fairly lightweight so far.

I’m working hard on my seer skills right now. I want to be highly perceptive and good at communicating, so I try to catch things on the fly. Byleth seems to have no problem with that.

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I’d suggest you do a search on this forum about how to summon or open sigils… I Don’t recommend treating any Demon as described in the Lesser Key of Solomon. If I’m not mixing my books up, that should be the one that recommends being a dick to demons, not a good idea.

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Sitri got me laid but im sure he can do what you want too