Is there a demon or spirit in general who can force someone to change their behavior?

I am asking because there is a man I know of that is a known sexual predator (who has a thing for 14 year olds). And I want to know, is there a spirit that can force him to change his behavior or thoughts. I ask because I don’t want to hurt him or anything with magick because I don’t like violence and want to see if there is a more neutral path. I just want him to change so he isnt a threat to young girls anymore.

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Perhaps the two of you can be surrounded by the 144 and have a thorough chat.

All despise anyone who hurts a child.

Just invoke them all and ask for all truth to be spoken from all parties. Obviously you won’t have anything hidden or any reason to lie. So, it would probably be a successsful invocation.

Any change that is against the persons will or personality type can only ever be temporary . Forcing is going against the persons will.

What would probably be better is an entity that can persuade the person to change in order to obtain something they want. But thinking on that you Might need one entity to make his life a living hell and a second to persuade him to change so he can get peace of mind.

But that’s just my thoughts on it (that if you want permanent change you need to have the person convinced it’s in their interests to change).

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I agree with @Kish, however, you are looking for the class of demons or angels involved in love and mind control. Why love? Something has to fill the void space left in them.

In my personal opinion, if you have trouble with any human, you can call Beliar. He had helped me many times when I had issues with some people:

  1. I was in the team at work, when one guy who was working much more than I and my co-roommate let’s say, was pushing us down and made too many delays. I made a ritual at Wednesday and offered Him food and scotch as alcohol. At friday I received information that He resigned.
  2. Second example is the man that was conducting a training, treated me like sh&t. I asked once again Beliar to make him more, lets say nice to me, but I didn’t want him to be harmed. Then the next time he was communicating, it appeared that he was doing it remotely from home, due to his child needed taking care. Strange thing, well not completely strange is that since that day, he became much more nice to me and my colleague.

Well, for me Beliar is Jack of all trades.


I don’t know him personally, so I wouldn’t talk face to face, secondly he is across the US. I only know of him from videos on YouTube where they go into detail about this guy, which I could link if you want me too. Also, a love spirit wouldn’t help I don’t think, because this guy also harrasses woman and talks sh it about them.

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You can direct message me the links to avoid legal stuff.


  1. You don’t know the person personally
  2. He is well known through videos on youtube
  3. He harasses women and teenage females
  4. He talks shit about grown women.

Id be careful with this.

But, with 72 angels and 72 demons encircling the two of you, or just him, that is also possible.
Also, I looked quick on youtube and apparently Im missing a search term. I see a few stories, but nothing police can’t handle.

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I know the police can handle arresting him. But all I want him to to is change his ways, to be a better person and not turn out like some sort of Epstein-ish monster.

I don’t know why i feel the need to help this guy change his ways, but i just do. At least try to save one person from becoming something horrible.

Yeah, this guy has major issues. I don’t know the best spirits to handle this, Im sure someone will suggest names.

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Dantalion or Orias…could help.


Belial doesnt like bullies either.