Is there a demon for Past Lives?

Hey guys I couldn’t find this answer with the search bar.

Is there a demon, goetia or otherwise, known to give you answers about your past lives? Or perhaps there is someone/something else I should evoke to ask questions, like my own higher self or a guide or something that has witnessed all my past lives and knows my soul’s lives, lessons and situations intimately.

I want to have a conversation with them about myself and my past lives. Got any idea?

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Vassago and Astaroth


I honestly wouldn’t trust a outside source to help with my past lives in case they decide to just show me snippets or misconstrued information. HOWEVER, lol. Any demon/entity can help with this tbh.

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I learned about my past life from King Paimon. Moreover, he tells in detail if asked.

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Any demon can help with recovering your past lives, because they’re just going to teach you to do it yourself.

I agree. It’s just that in my case Astaroth didn’t really want to talk about my past life. However, there were his personal reasons. And with other spirits, I have not tried to communicate about this.

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i strongly suggest psychedelics. they help you really get in touch with your soul and think deeper. lsd really helps you expand your mind so you can find out who you were in your past lives. you have to learn your soul print first. basically, what would YOU do ? and i’ve found, your past lives and life right now correspond with timelines and things that have happened. say, in a past life i had issues with love triangles. it would correspond, as “i do” now. say i died in a past life by suffocation and i have asthma in this life. match things up. you go through the same shit, but each life it adds a deeper meaning. they’re your “karmic lessons,” and it’s evolvement.

but , you can definitely communicate with your Higher Self about it. remember, you would find everything out at the “right time.” divine timing.

however, some spirits that I would recommend to call (for connecting with your past lives & getting information from them) would be : Anubis, Horus, Tul, Solomon, Seere, Lilith, Ipos, and Furcas. they’re alllll about revealing the truth. Pick whoever you feel most called to.

This isn’t my area of experteise but most traditional entheogens are administered by experienced shamans who know the ways of that spirit, and remain present and attentive during the working, so it’s worth actually doing research on places like abnd find out what support you reasonably need for working with these.

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