Is there a database to find deities you encounter?


I am having success in reaching the other side despite being new. However to meditation I am not and for years been trying to astral project. A few days ago you can see in another thread I made contact with a demon don’t know who.

I did a ritual tonight one trying to fix my fucked chakras and energy I am a mess. But also wanted to try and make contact again with said demon. I had a lavender candle some tequila, cigar, a little kratom, and salt. A mix of healing and demon friendly offerings. I did the violet light meditation and a mantra I found her for healing chakras especially. In my closed eye a bright oval dot would move up and down shifting colors and I looked up they where the chakra colors. I actually for the first time managed to astral project out of my body (hell of a night). For the longest time I could only detach and maybe sat and or sit next to my physical self. Anyway I played with that a bit and in my projection asked if anyone would give guidance. I also asked if whomever I made contact with would like to speak.

So I went back into myself and meditated I felt waves of energy and color comforting felt really enlightening. Yes all closed eyes but I could see a blue skinned woman she was caressing me behind her at the table just chilling was this horned being with a red face looked like a god of Asian decent. The goddess whatever she was seemed associated with Hinduism but just not sure. She had long black hair a braid, she Clearly was fixing these chakras she wouldn’t speak to me. I thanked her during this process but she just kept caressing silent. She went over my whole body…Yes all of it she had a sexual energy as well as healing. She then got up walked and left. I felt all presences where gone like it was clear they left my basement. I thanked them anyway blew out the candle drank the tequila.

So in this I am making contact but can’t find anywhere to identify what I saw. Neither one of these entities talked the horned entitie just hung out I will admit I should have paid more attention but the healing massage I was getting was pretty intense. These seemed like entities from two different regions. I couldn’t tell if they where in association or not. Sure maybe one answered my call for help and the other came for the cigar and booze.

I am finding these contacts and they wouldn’t give a name. Is there a place where you guys go to indenting what you see on the otherside?

If not BALG should make one.


No, there is no such “database,” simply because it would be impossible. The multiverse is incredibly vast with an infinity of spirits within it so it is highly unlikely humans have met even 1/1000th of what is waiting out there.

The only advice I have would be to take a look through some Eastern mythologies (since you think they might have been Hindu or Asian) and see if any descriptions match up to your experience. It is always possible that it was a spirit not currently known though, in which case you may have to ask your Higher Self or any patron spirit you might have.


That is very true lol googling just occult will crack your brain. You’re right no choice but to research in great detail. I don’t officially have a patron spirit I called for guidance I feel it working. I asked to speak to said spirit which was a demon again tonight.

I researched and think it was Lucifer I spoke with. I read he takes other forms my first interaction he was a horned demon second he was human a man in a suit which I read he takes that. Possibly he could have taken that form of an eastern demon I had stuff he liked tobacco and whiskey but he may have just been chilling while I got my chakras aligned. When I asked his name is was in my closed eye visual but I can’t remember just know there was a y vowel. I also know he takes other names. He wouldn’t speak whether it was the demon I met whom I suspect Lucifer or a different spirit. I thanked Lucifer or who this may be who started to improve my life. But maybe since this goddess was healing he may have not wanted to take away from that process.

So going back yes you’re right a database would be insane lol sorry to waste a thread everyone.


It’s not a wasted thread. You learned something and that is never a bad thing :slight_smile:

When you search for a being, especially online, all you will find is a list of the most popular demons, gods and angels, so if what you are looking for is not a very common spirit, it is unlikely you will find it without diving into more unexplored sources.

It’s weird that the spirit wouldn’t give its name, but it could have been Lucifer if you already have a relationship with him, and it is also possible it was a member of Lucifer’s legions, who tend to prefer to be anonymous.


Yeah I have learned a ton here it’s a good community. It must have been because last tome I made contact he wanted to talk and took human form I think to be more approachable since our first interaction was my first ritual. Having a visual of a horned demon is intended he seems empathetic of that but I maintained respect regardless. Makes sense he would send a legion this goddess like deity was one of light and sexuality granted he is the lord of light however poor spirit has a bad rep in other places and he has got to be a busy being. Also makes sense why she wouldn’t talk and seemed about business just healing and on her way. Not sure how Hindu (I suspect she is linked to) and demons get along but they all left once she was done.


I don’t consider that the entities need names in human language, and also that they may not exist in human records.

So there’s two ways to get around this

  1. Focus on the energy signature, how they feel to you - that’s their name. It’s not comfy for humans used to written language but it works, it’s just a different format.
  2. Without clairaudience or clairsentience, try automatic writing to get some syllabic label down on paper.


Yes, and you’re the library.

Look into your own akashic records to find the entities, work through their symbols, correspondences, and properties through how they come across to you in there.

Name’s aren’t always letters, hell sometimes they don’t even have sounds, many just have shapes or a specific feeling or sequence as a name.