Is there a dark lord that could help me be able to meet a singer backstage at a concert?

Either a dark lord, or a spell that could help me, or would asking my legion be more effective? Just asking because next year im getting backstage passes (hopefully) to a tour of my favorite band, and I was wondering, if there was a dark lord who could get my chances of meeting the main singer higher. Or, as I also asked, would using my legion be more effective?

Why not simply use a Spare-style sigil?

There’s no need for a “dark lord,” whatever that is. Just turn your statement of intent into a glyph and fire it off.

Chaos magicians use sigils for things like this all the time.


You can try goetic spirts to fit you wish. I cnt remember which demon a top one is good to meet powerful peopls. Belial.? Just look tru demons ranks and see yourself. Tru astaroth is call in tis cases also.