Is there a contraceptive ritual

Has anyone done rituals to not get a girl pregnant? Assuming it’s for unplanned hookups and you are going to be using condoms.

Are there any rituals that can be done to do something like not have a child for the next 5 years? I’m scared of doing something weird to my dick with magic and screwing it up haha. I just am looking for something to help prevent pregnancies in the near future, and then for everything to be normal afterwards. I’m a bit scared of working with demons for this as I don’t really want to give a demon I haven’t worked with power over my sexual energy for 5 years. It would be nice to have another layer of protection from magic though.

There are spells for impotence and to make women infertile. That’s about the closest you can get with magick.

Just add a spermacidal lubricant to the condom and you will have as close to 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies as possible, something no ritual in the world can provide (and no demons needed!)

Or you can spend a year or two learning how to have an internal orgasm while retaining the ejaculation.


This is the best advice. It’s also wise to ask if she is on some form of birth control. Usually us girls tend to protect ourselves too. Heck when I was “looking”
I was on the pill and had condoms for those just I case moments.

Magick can not work just like a condom can break… so as with anything it’s never 100%.


I was wondering more for things like hook ups not at your house, where basically all you might have is condoms.

The best contraceptive is just being abstinent or using spermicide or female BC, but sometimes it’s not always available. I know the best thing to do is just not engage in hookups if I don’t believe it’s worth the risk, but I want to enjoy this period of my life.

I feel like this should be possible in theory at least. I am still new with magic and haven’t tried pushing every boundary I could think of. Couldn’t you do this using a sort of loophole or play on the power of an entity? Framing it like “My sperm is invisible to female ova for the next 5 years” and using an entity that specializes in hiding?

I don’t want to do something like a curse specifically made for infertility in case it ends up harming me or someone else more than it helps.

Resort to physical methods


Sorry, but the physical trumps the magical every single time. Just like no energy shield will ever protect you from a bullet, no matter how well made or how much “intention” you shove into it, no ritual is going to make your sperm invisible to an egg.

Use your brain, stop living in fantasy, and carry spermicide and condoms with you at all times if you want to hookup. It’s as simple as that.

Realistically I know doing physical methods is the most effective and achievable thing to do. I use the most physical contraceptive I have available and try to be a little cautious.

Why would magic face a limit at me nutting in someone though? People can and have killed, changed their fate, gotten incredible luck, etc. all from magic. Some people who never even do any occult work have extraordinary ability just from their meditation and spirituality. If there was not a commonly known ritual about this, couldn’t one theoretically ask for one from an entity? All the other rituals had to come from somewhere.

I do think you could protect yourself from a bullet with an energy shield. Stuff like guns jamming, people surviving wounds that 100% should be fatal, shit, maybe even a legit armor of your pure energy like Goku. I think fate is the greatest magician, and every person is doing magical things every day whether they like it or not. Not saying I have these powers myself or I am anything special, just that some people have already done even greater things.

Anyways, just in a more general question: What do you guys do in situations like this, where you want magic for a specific and niche thing? Do you ask for help from spirits/entities? How do you know that you are being provided a spell for what the spirit claims it is?

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Do everything physically you can, but as someone who has conceived despite physical methods (birth control, the shot+morning after pill, the patch) you might need to invoke what you can. I’ll keep an eye out on this thread just in case lol

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I was just gonna advice plan b but your a dude and it doesnt count for you. There are ways You can lower yoyr sperm count. Mj. Tiddy whities. Ect. Also like @DarkestKnight already suggested some internal energy work to not bust a load. As well as the deer exercise for men. Which has multiple benefits. 🤷 I’ll just say my attempts at avoiding babies hasn’t worked well as I have 3…which i love dearly but did not necessarily plan on.

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Confucius say: Tell her to hold an aspirin between her knees.


Without going into much detail. If you do not want kids and the universe want you to. There is only ONE way to avoid that.

Long story short I was waiting to go on BC as I just miscarried. I was messing around but not actively having sex waiting to go on the pill. Five weeks later I got pregnant. Again. I love my baby more than life itself but… I was far from trying. Play and you will pay if that is what the universe wants from you. And nothing on earth will stop that other than … yep no sex.

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Since there are spells for impotence, are there any spells to the opposite? As in, having crazy boners? I’ve been having a little trouble in my sex life lately.

I hear the Viagra spell is most potent in that regard. Beware of Priapus though :stuck_out_tongue:

While there are no spells specifically to get raging hard ons, at least to my knowledge, working with a demon of lust like Asmodeus may help.

The ability to get erections is generally a sign of male health, so if you are having difficulties in that area, working with a spirit for health and virility may be the best option. Also taking up a practice like qi gong, which can help restock your Yang chi.


Thanks for the advice. I don’t believe it’s a health problem since I’m young (and healthy according to my doctors). It’s more of a pshylogical problem you know… I was drunk once and couldn’t get it up and since then most of the times I’m going to have sex I’m like “please don’t get soft” and of course, I go soft. It doesn’t happen ALL the time but when I’m about to meet a new girl the anxety kills me.

I’ve tried the blue pill spell lol but I don’t want it to be a permanent thing (the use of the pill I mean).

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Have you tried self-hypnosis? It sounds like it is more like a self fulfilling prophecy than anything else, so you need to change your inner narrative.

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yes that’s the thing. I’m so afraid that I’d go soft and the girl is going to laugh at me or tell everyone about it.

How can I do self-hypnosis?

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Self hypnosis is essentially getting yourself into a trance state and then telling yourself what you want to happen.

So you would relax, countdown into Alpha or deeper, and then repeat statements to yourself like “My penis loves the girls. I get hard and stay hard whenever I have sex. The ladies are in awe of my hardness. They love to brag to their friends about how much they love my penis.”

Counter every self deprecating statement with the opposite. So instead of thinking the girls are going to laugh and tell all their friends that you can’t perform, see them blushing as they tell their friends about how great a lover you are.

As you repeat the statements, visualise yourself as if it were true. See how much the girls love your penis. Feel their admiration. Feel the weight of your hardness. Hear their blushing giggles when relating their exploits with you to their friends.

Repeat the statements to yourself as many times as you wish, but do each one at least five times. Then count up out of trance and get on with your day.

Do this morning and night and I’m sure things will improve.

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Thanks, man. Any reading you’d recommend about entering Alpha or deeper?

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Type “Trancework” into the search function. I have a tutorial with exercises for just that.

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I will. Thanks.

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