Is there a Complete Ritual Book on LHP? Like Golden Dawn books of the RHP?

From banishing energies to summoning rituals. I always wonder if theres some books like Cicero’s and Regardie’s Golden Dawn books but in a LHP perspective. That would be very nice, I guess.


@Dawntan I do know there are a few Witchcraft Book of Shadows out there; do not know about LHP one. I have my own that I have from my FamTrad, and from things I got from the internet. Start your own from what you have learned. It will have your essence, and be more attuned to your energies.

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There are many just on various systems depenxs on the currents your wanna explore. If you dig around there are a few threads on book recommendations.

If your looking for the Lhp “mirror” of Regardie’s type of work you may wanna explore Asenath masons work Havent checked it out myself but others have had alot of good things to say about it. Dunno if either incorporates banishing or not.

Complete Works of EA Koetting, Scorcery Antholglogy vol 1-3.
Qlippoth, Qabalah and Goetic Magic.
The Satanic Rituals.
Liber Azazel.
Book of Azazel.
Luciferian Witchcraft
Fire and Ice.

That is true, there are a few currents out there. That’s partly a problem and partly a benefit.
Not all RHP lodge currents are good because of petty politics.

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Ehh only becomes a problem if you end up spreading yourself too thin.


There is no “complete book of LHP rituals” that I have ever come across. I looked for myself when I was new to the path. Every LHP book I have ever read was usually for a particular current, and usually required some basic skill in magick. The only book that even comes close is EA’s Works of Darkness.

As I recently mentioned to another member, if you are looking to start from scratch as a complete beginner, you won’t find any kind of LHP training system. Books like Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics, Donald Michael Craig’s Modern Magick or Konstantinos’ Summoning Spirits are Golden Dawn based but will take you from beginner to Adept in the Western Ceremonial Magick Tradition, and you can move into any path from there.


Can’t have a complete book on something that itself isn’t complete.


The most profound book on LHP is the one you write for yourself. At least at this point. All that time reading could be spent experimenting. Nothing but love, brother.


The closest you’ll find to what you’re looking for, IMO, is EA Koetting’s Works of Darkness and Asenath Masons’s Draconian Ritual Book.

You may also like S. Connolly’s Complete Book of Demonolatry and The Black Scriptures by Somnus Dreadwood. The LHP is broad enough that ultimately it comes down to which currents you resonate with the most.

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