Is the universe/a demon trying to tell me something

Hi my fellow BALGers

I’ve never been one to believe in fate, and in any event I believe fate is something that can be changed by magic.

It’s been an extreme year. I went from the lowest lows to the highest highs. I say this to put it in context.

I went from an awful job to a decent one. I went from two friends that I have known for years randomly blocking me and one sending me abusive messages to one saying they didn’t want to speak to me ever again. It was all so out of the blue that I thought that a spell had influenced them. I say this to explain that I made a whole new group of friends.

I also entered into a new relationship.

The point is it has been a sea of positive change.

I have not cast any spells to bring about these effects. So my question is: is the universe/a demon trying to tell me something? Maybe that it was necessary for all this change to grow?


Same here. And many others are saying the same.

It seems to be that kind of a year :thinking:

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Bump. Trying to get more options on this.

Probably not. Life is full of ups and downs. Things get better over time, if you let them.

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Thanks. This is true. Things do eventually get better


Maybe you didn’t do a spell but found a path that is healthy.