Is the Universal Circle ok

Hello all, I just want to know is the circle good to work with on the wooden floor drawn with a chalk or not because I am not able yet to purchase one from BALG.

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More than likely its just fine. In the end of the day shapes are just shapes, whether its on a cloth or a wood floor, what gives it power is your intent.


Thanks, I really appreciate it

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The universal circle put out by EA I believe is imbued with his essence. That you will not duplicate anywhere, however that being said yours would work just fine but the question I have for you is do you understand what you’re drawing, what the symbols mean or represent? How are you connecting with your circle or are you just copying someone else’s work hoping that it works?

Hopefully you don’t take anything I said negatively it wasn’t meant in that light, just food for thought.

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Not quite. The official UC has a mediator spirit bound to it.

However, drawing one of your own is perfectly acceptable. The design is based on the Circle of Pacts from the Book of Azazel and will work just fine.


Thanks for correcting me LOL that’s kind of what I meant.

But wouldn’t you think that the person operating it would need to have some understanding of how it works and what it represents?

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I agree it would be useful, but I don’t see it as absolutely necessary. The UC is marketed as a summoning circle, and really, that’s all the OP needs to know. The esoteric symbolism of the circle in ceremonial magick should be learned eventually, though, if one is going to practice the system.


In that May ritual from a few years back E.A. said people were okay to draw the UC in the dirt, and use for that, so if needs must it seems to be fine, and he didn’t indicate it would be less effective. :thinking:


This does raise an interesting question. EA said that a spirit is bound to his circles. But is the spirit bound to just the physical ones sold by BALG or the symbol of the circle itself?

It has been a while since I made mine and reached out to said spirit and asked them on an individual basis for mine to do so, but I wonder if it’s more an automatic thing for anywhere the circle is made.

From what I remember EA saying about it, the spirit is bound to the physical UC produced by BALG, not the symbol. He said something about performing a consecration over them, if I remember correctly.

I know other have also reported that they have had to reach out the said spirit themselves for the personal circles, as you mentioned.

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I agree with @Deathcrush with the notion of your intent. I perform most of my rituals on a black cloth with a white circle, plain and simple, but i think @yaminicky your circle should be just fine for your ritual


Whenever i use a circle i use the cord that goes to my amplifier lol

Mmmm well most important is to consacrate it properly