Is the terms Succubus and Incubus overused?

I have been having sex with spirits both male and female for a while now, but I have never had sex with them in my sleep. Perhaps I am being a bit nit picky, but isn’t Incubi /succubi spirits that have sex with people in their sleep? Is this what everyone is raving about so much? Is everyone missing out on conscious spirit sex? Or am I the one missing out? Or is it simply being overused?


Any spirit can pretty much be sexual, not just incubi/succubi. While yes TO HUMANS they are known because of sex…that’s not what they’ll all about. They are individuals just like people are.

Just because a spirit/entity/etc is having sex with you/anyone else does not mean it is a succubus/incubus. Also id watch out for parasites…they can do that to.

Also I wouldn’t recommend having sex with just ANY spirit/energetic being that wants/trys to have sex with you - you need to KNOW WHO it is…and TRUST them.

Don’t just give out your sexual energy to anything to feed on, that’s how alot of people have problems on here because they don’t know who/what they are interacting with and their INTENT isn’t clear – banishing is recommended unless you are confident about who you are interacting with.

So YES in my opinion, the word is overused.

Also I’m going to move this to the Love, Sex Magick, Relationships section since this pertains to sex and incubi/succubi.


I don’t mean to say that a relationship with spirits isnt possible or a good thing. It is, but you need to one work on yourself first, develop your senses and preferably know how to banish as well.

A relationship with spirits isn’t just about sex, for many it’s about companionship, love, acceptance, growth, ascent, etc. So if all you want is sex then I wouldn’t recommend it. However I will not stop anyone, since 1. I can’t and 2. Sometimes people gotta learn the hard way.


can u elaborate a bit as to the why, I’m a newbie and have never tried it but would love to be prepared before doing so.

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You want to summon a succubus/incubus? For what reason?

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I don’t want to…atleast yet, but I am curious about this topic since I have heard many people talk about steamy experiences on their posts. I haven’t really done any magick yet tbh other than the instant turn on/horny spell and even that I have tried it very few times to know if it actually works or not.

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Sigh… From your use of words im assuming your interested in a “steamy” experience with a ubi. Please don’t try and summon one with that intent only. Do some research, use the search button on here, and also id suggest reading some of Succupedia’s posts on here. He has a relationship with his two ladies, and had alot of good thoughts about it.

Also maybe search “spirit relationships” to…there’s some good posts about them from a serious and realistic viewpoint. They are not for sex, they are individuals WHO may want love, companionship, etc…
NOT to be someone’s one night stand.

While yes, SOME may be okay with a one night stand as people have summoned for that…it’s usually not recommened and for me personally frowned upon…it just seems very disrespectful

Also chances are you won’t feel anything anyways if you don’t develop your senses, and I’d learn how to banish in case something else comes through.

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awesome, thanks a lot for this, as I stated above, more than anything else I am just curious I guess, will probably do lots of research before even considering summoning them. Thanks a lot for ur guidance.

P.s since u seem like a knowledgeable regular mind if I PM u and u can guide me on where to start on my magick journey.


You can pm, but there’s also PLENTY of knowledgeable magicians on here besides me that WOULD LOVE to help out to. We all used to be new, and I’m still relatively new.


Also be sure to summon ONLY if your SURE what you want, your INTENT needs to be clear. Alot of miscommunication can happen if your not clear within yourself on what you want/need. So also work on that to. As well as the research.

Maybe search “succubus intent” that might help clear up that part if your unsure about that. And “succubus respect”, you must always be respectful.

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true I absolutely agree with the respect part and always do it with everyone, its one of my mottos of life, will research on the intent part and make sure I form a clear intent. Thanks a lot for ur guidance.

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It sounds a bit like you might be looking for a spirit prostitute, which does exist, but it is little explored on this forum to my knowledge and it is easy to get burnt with that.

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wdym by this

Johns eventually often end up doing tricks themselves just for starters.

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Uh…I wouldn’t go looking for a spirit prostitute…you have a better chance of finding a parasite/etc then an actual “spirit prostitute”.

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I’m not doing that, I’m just curious about how spirit sex actually works, not even ready to summon any tbh.

There’s a post here from Succupedia that explains that among others. I think it’s called “Importance of Physical Energies” or something like that. Spirit sex, if your not astrally projected uses your senses. You need to have those developed. Also maybe just search “spirit sex senses”, and see what you find.

What do you mean by parasite specifically? I sort of think that term is a bit overused as well.
I mean all spirits feed off your energy some, so I’m finding anytime someone has an off experience they are starting to run to call the spirit a parasite even if it is the actual spirit.


If it is what you are wanting you are probably better off talking with me. They will feed on your energy, that is a given, but keep in mind a simple orgasm does feed them, though they’d prefer more. You want to watch for diseases first of all.

As far as parasites go, you want to watch for hooks they might leave in. You can banish a hook or get other spirits to remove hooks.

A preferred method is to get one to agree to prostitute themselves and share the energy you receive, so if you seek to avoid this, you want to try to avoid addiction or receiving a mascara lambada, which is extremely pleasurable and extremely addictive.

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Yes energy exchange is common. However the difference is a parasite just takes your energy and doesn’t give anything in return, lives off you without benefiting you. Which can be harmful because they might leave you being drained/etc.

A succubus/incubus needs (most) energy to survive LIKE a parasite but if you get a good hearted one and your intent is clear + established boundaries, then they can guide you, provide companionship, will actually love you/etc.

That’s the difference. The parasite word is oversused because alot of people get into this not knowing what they are doing and they end up with a parasite. That’s why.


Would you say most demons parasite to some extent though? When I think of parasite I usually think of they leave their hooks in you and leave or mostly just try to drain you. But maybe I’m also confused because many of the high ranking demons everyone loves here have been various degrees of naughty towards me at times.