Is the spell working

I am draining someone’s energy when they are around me. I throw some dark energy at them as well. I am not real psychic. (E for effort).
How can I know if what I am doing is working? Anyone see it?

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Honestly I’m surprised nobody responded to you sooner. Firstly, STOP DOUBTING! I’m not trying to yell at you, I just dunno how to underline stuff in this forum.

Anyways, doubt creates failure. Law of certainty: KNOW it’s working. And it will. Let it work.

Also, you might wanna stop trying to do it as a “when they are around me” and “dark energy”. For a more noticeable feeding, Have the person in a relatively confined space (like across a room) and ensure they aren’t moving much.

I visualize dark, piranha like fangs coming out of my mouth and sucking in golden energy from their very skin until it comes in my mouth, and I feel it (it hurts a little) go into the center of my chest and rest there. Repeat until you feel you’re good.

Stop throwing dark energy. Unless you mean to kill them. Throw death essence- combine it with your spells, and your other vampiric working, and you’ll start to feel dark and dirty. Which is good.

Again, stop doubting yourself. “Psychic” also applies to people who do readings and fortune tellers- or mediums. VAMPIRES, on the other hand, are astral predators. In order to be a predator, you must be the confident killer, stride forward and TAKE what you want. The Vampire Pyschology.

Recently, I threw a pair of claws on my energy body to help in vampirism. I’ll let you know how that works, as it’s been observed to almost knock a person out.

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