Is the moon phase important for non-moon magick spells?

I see this a lot amongst wiccans, it is believed that you should wait for the moon to be in the waxing-full moon phase before casting a spell related to gaining something. I want to create chaos magick sigils related to gaining things, will the sigil be hindered since the moon is in the waning phase? I usually use energy from the moon to charge my sigils but because of the current phase I will instead be using the sun.



Chaos Magick sigils are not affected by moon phases, as they use your subconscious mind for manifestation.

Chaos sigils are only affected by moon phases if you believe they are.

Astrological correspondences can provide a boost to magick, but they certainly are not necessary. If they were, then no one would do ever do magick when they need to because the moon wasn’t in the right phase.

Do magick when you want to do magick. Take astrology in mind, only if and when you feel it might be of help. Otherwise, feel free to ignore it.

The only time I bother with such things is when I use the planetary hours if i’m working some planetary magick.