Is the Loa great to start with if your a beginner?

I’ve been watching EA’s past interview videos about the Loa and in it he was saying that the Loa are more physical than any other entity…so would that mean that it would be more easier to work with the Loa because you can tell that they’re there?

papa legba

Have you read the book yet? I actually did. And I was aware of the warning in the book. I did feel like something was there and honestly I couldn’t sleep that good and I had fast heart beat…but it was also weird because I I felt like evertime I went to bed something was laughing at me for some reason was was debating if I should star reading it again sense I want to work with the Loa

It doesn’t seem like a good idea if you’re unfamiliar with basic magic. But, if you have all the time in the world and no pressing matters biting at your heels, then knock yourself out.

Even though I don’t speak for the Lwa; this would be like an Algebra student attempting to take a Physics class without ever taking Pre-Calculus or Calculus. Navigating that learning curve will definitely earn you bragging rights though.

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Ummm they are very present, very powerful and can be very dangerous. These are not warm fuzzy beings with a reputation for being gentle.


Depends, are you aiming to devote yourself to the Loa or just practice the folk magick? The Loa when you work with them prefer you work with them only for a while, until you’re in a decent place within what they have to teach you.

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@anon48079295 Uh is it fine that I want them to teach me everything they know and form a friendship with them?

That’s fine, but just don’t take it lightly. When I first came to meet the Loa a lot of shadow figures were around me. While papa Legba is pretty chill guy, he can be insanely serious.


@anon48079295 uh so like who were shadow figures? anything that is shadow figures seems like something extremely scary. are those like his legions or whatever? When you mean instantly serious do you mean like first he’s chill in you’re having a nice conversation with them and then all the sudden he just abruptly yells or something?

The shadows are shadow people, something like legions but not quite, they aren’t scary either. Also I mean more like he’s chill to talk to but when it’s time to work you’ll notice the change in his demeanor.

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@anon48079295 interesting. So like have you ever had like a full-blown conversation with these shadow people? Like are they just there to observe what’s going on or whatever

I have spoken to them yes

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@anon48079295 cool. So can you share your experiences with me like every worked with all of the Loa before? I know 1st with Papa legba right? because he is the 1 u have to go through 1st to have access talking to the Loa if I’m not mistaken

Yeah, he’s took me and some friends to their realm in an etheric projection, we were on a boat which after we got to their realm in projection we met the God Kalfu.


Out of fear or involuntary, if the latter I’ve experienced this before too

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