Is the king solomon story legit?

Did King Solomon manage to contain all 72 demons in the goetia and seal them in a bronze barrel and thrown into the depths of one big lake.

When the babylonians found the barrel they thought it contained treasure so they forcefully opened the barrel and released the demons out along with their legions.


I received a message from Astaroth last year about this. Now I believe that it’s time to share it. Allow me to dig through my notes.


Ok so I reworded it when I wrote it down.

She had told me that the 72 had tricked him into believing that he had power over them in order to get there names out there (remember in these times much information on various Gods and Spirits was being destroyed to keep the population in check) and so that information regarding them would exist for Practioners to use.

I’m actually under the impression that they knew that this information would be destroyed so they made themselves seem weaker in order to preserve some information.

Regarding the bottle, I don’t knoe the answer to that but I doubt it happened. Travis Magus makes a good point about it on his YouTube Channel.

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The Bible often uses lakes to represent the spiritual world. The story of him sealing them in a barrel and throwing it in a lake is symbolic of him sealing them away through magic means.
You see similar symbolism used when Jesus casts the unclean spirits out of the man in the graveyard and they posses a herd of pigs, which promptly charge into a lake

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