Is the infernal empire behind the conspiracy of NWO

Just a thought, are the infernal empire powers behind the NWO conspiracy and the governments attacks on the people for total control over the masses. I know and people I know that demons are freedom fighters but could it be that were being deceived by them?

No, but there are some people who believe the Infernal has “plans” for the physical that revolves around genocide (not in an evil way but morals out the window) while others think the Infernal wants what’s best for humanity. I suppose you can believe either or neither.

There are demons who like humans and demons who don’t like humans and would love to come here and do a little clearing out. Which is entertaining since some people want to bring the infernal here…it would make things pretty funny to me.


True didn’t think of it this way…just bring the demons who love humans here leave the rest behind I say…

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Posted prematurely :laughing: - just a reminder there is a blanket ban on politics on here, and hard to see how this topic won’t go there, so erring on the side of caution.

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