Is the Goddess Lilith really "Considering it"

I had a dream last night and while I have not asked anything of Goddess Lilith I did ask something of Lords Dantalion and Sallos (two different things but connected. One for me and one for someone else you could say).

In my dream I felt I need to make something like a petition (not sure if it was to her or not) but was told it was already made and was being considered.

Is it possible that she was speaking on behalf of the Dukes/Lords? Will they do that?? I distinctly know it was her and she is the only female Goddess I have reached out to and the Lords to me are most certainly males.


Lilith has introduced me to others and helped me to work with them so it’s entirely possible.

It’s nice to know then that it’s “In the works”. I’ve never dreamed of Goddesses, Dukes or of the like until before, just the past four nights or so. The request/asking is not even a week old. However I have wondered if I had been heard. Not lusting but just wondering if my petitions had been heard at all. This is nice to know and does put my mind at ease.

I am more of a dreamer (as opposed to seeing things while awake, which im hoping to work on and change) and receive most messages in dreams from spirits and the like. It seems this is the easiest way to “reach me”.

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I do the vast majority of my work in the astral realm, it just is easier for me somehow to have much more meaningful contact and conversations as well as to bounce around to other realms and to soul travel. Working with Lilith is just amazing… on all accounts.

I have some Lilies planted in her honor. Four of them. Im usually pretty good at lucid dreaming, I just have to set my self up for it and get lazy a lot of times. Trying to discipline myself… Seems that when im sleeping its easier for me to connect with spirits and such

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I planted some peonies too.