Is the future set in stone?

I am a new member here and seek the opinions of members who hear and talk to the spirits and demons.
Could anyone ask whether the future is all determined for every person and whether all our actions, inactions and disposition tend to bring us closer to a future that has been decided for each of us. Is Freewill not flawed?


Depends… the future could be anything . The past till now has lead you to this point in you life time line . A path that’s set in course. Knowing your future can make alter… I’m curious of the main question you have other than this that your truly seeking for


Perhaps we have chosen this Life and whatever outcomes are possible.

Think of it as an RPG, you can make choices and they can either bring out massive results or all options can lead to the same outcome.

Freewill exists, you decide what you want to eat right? That’s the simplest form of free will I can think off.

I love the way @DarkestKnight mentions that Magick is not limited but Magicians are. I think this applies to Life in general.


There’s a couple ways to answer this, but they won’t be satisfying or sufficient answers.
The reason being because we’ve been programmed to have this either-or mindset about these concepts when, in reality, they actually coexist.

We just don’t know how (or why), which is why people will always be asking these questions.
I promise you whatever answer you comvince yourself of will constantly be challenged in your practice.

Now here’s the even more fucked up part. These concepts (fate, free-will) have absolutely no bearing on the magician if they don’t want it to. So it almost becomes useless to think about.

Hiya OP! The future, the present, the past- none of these are set in stone! Everything is subject to change, because everything can be magically influenced. The Great Space, sometimes called the Abyss by people who use it in a limited way, is the manifestation of every possibility no matter how unusual or unforeseen. When something occurs in physical manifestation, it is a thing or instance that can be tapped into in the Great Space, and every kind of difference of variation to that thing is there, too!

Magic is just pulling probabilities from the Great Space into manifestations you like. :slight_smile:


All futures and pasts are condensed in the present. There is not linear time, yet it appears as such. Probabilities lead to outcomes, but they never reach zero. All that was, is and will be condenses into this very moment.


I think free will is paramount, that we came in with a plan and agreements for help and circumstances that help us with that plan, but if you want to throw out the plan, nullify the contracts and go your own way you can.

I absolutely do not believe in fate, karma, or destiny. I do believe in accidents, coincidences and that other people’s paths can impact you even when you walk your own, because of their free will. I also believe physical is usually going to trump spiritual in a basic clash of wills.