Is the Freezer spell just a placebo?

I see many people claiming it works just by putting a name in a freezer.

That’s it.

No invocation.
No charging.
No visualization.
No emmm.
No prayer to Elsa the Snow Queen or Jack Frost.

How can this work? (When its just done that way by girls who didn’t even study magick) :thinking:

Placebo ? Subcoucious reprogramming ? Lucky ?

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Well Harvard did a study in 2010 on placebos without deception in which they told the people in the studies they had a placebo and those individuals still saw greater improvements over the individuals in the study that were on real medications.

I think they called it placebos without deceptions and studied both irritable bowel syndrome and chronic back pain. I read an overview of the studies in a book called the Daydream Believer, and having to do with the mind.

Otherwise, your actions generate energy, your thoughts generate intent. That’s the basics of magic action and what we need to get started getting results, so doing anything else in many cases is extra. The actions generating energy, combined with your thoughts generating intent, essentially produce a spell that directs your energy towards your intent while not needing to be complicated.


I agree but i try to figure out the mechanics behind it.

From a more psychic view, i understand that “putting in your head that your ex is frozen” can impact how you will react to him/her or how he/she will react to you.

But from a more traditional view, it feels more unconsistent i believe.

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Well people are inconsistent. In everything we do and think and feel we are all different, which arises out of our complexity. Magick is personal for this reason. One person can get the flow one way, another can’t use the same technique at all. I don’t see a difference in this particular technique.

And yes. Placebos are magick. Imo.


How? Or why. Why do you feel this way about the topic? Why you feel this way or believe that could be more revealing than me laying out how it works, because it could reveal something holding you up and mixing up your energies.

Actions quite literally generate energy, all actions regardless of what they are. So, you take a piece of paper, you write your target or problem on it while excluding anything you don’t want to freeze. Then you add herbs with qualities to match.

Then after you have intentionally pull in energy from plants that matches your intention, you go put it in the freezer to symbolically freeze the person and activate the spell.

The entire time you were doing this you were thinking about something. You were sending your magical energy somewhere. If it wasn’t the spell in your hands, that’s on you and a misdirection of your energy or misfire between your computer like processing brain and your limbs that have generated the energy.

Actually its such basic science imop on its own that maybe I am misunderstanding your question, because I thought it was generally held that all things, thoughts, emotions, feelings etc were energy and all actions were mechanical manipulation of that energy.

You quite literally freeze something in this case, be it molecules of water and herbs with your hand written name in a cucumber or something, so it’s not like you opened the freezer and said oh, I cast you in there and now you cant hurt me.

You’re not just saying you are going to do something; you are doing it. Your words aren’t empty with a freezer spell, like a threat might be. There is energy to be directed. So like I said, mabye I just don’t understand, I’m sorry. :upside_down_face:


In Brazil is just something so common. Here they call it “simpatia” (basically sympathetic magick). They work very well, at least is what I’ve seen… Some are really bizarre lol. One way to look good using one of this magick was to eat raw beef/cow liver while standing behind the door; and while eating, you must repeat the name of someone you think is beautiful (actor, friend). Very comical, but I know people who said it worked somehow. Good for them lol!


Egregore is maybe the most common form of magick (and the most ancient)

Even if the act is “simple” and “stupid” if enough people do it and maintain it, it can be strong enough to trigger a magick effect.

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