Is the Chaos Magick Current Dead?

I don’t mean to just troll and flame or something, but I’m looking for some legitimate discussion on
this topic, from experienced mages, you know. I read this article that basically says without the “cult” aspect, chaos can’t really get anywhere and is “pointless”. I’ve been wondering if it were “possible” as it were to combine chaos with “culture” as it were, I mean of course the culture of cult.


It’s not extinct but is secret and actually you get in through connections. You will be watched from the secret services and more or less punctually under surveillance


Tell me more :joy:


It’s not dead. Michael Ford writes about it a lot in his works. He just sells it in a way that it’s for everyone.


If the Chaos Magick Current is dead then all magick is dead.

I know that a lot of people don’t like to hear that and love to embrace their inner Harry Potter, but magick is an act to impregnate the subconscious through conscious will/action (intent) and this is the key of every operation. If you believe that Chaos Magick is dead, which embraces this concept to the fullest without all the superficial things, than all magick should be void.


Whatever you are smoking, where can I get some of that? It’s not secret or anything silly like that.

The reason why Chaos Magic seems dead is because there really isn’t any more it can develop, the only step further it can go is into Hermeticism. Which is what ends up happening to a lot of Chaos wizards, they end up turning Hermetic. Happened to me, happened to many I know, happens to a lot of people.

Once you realize it’s all based on your own belief and personal perception, the only way it can meaningfully grow further is through hermetic philosophy and practices.


All magick is Chaos Magick in that it usurps probabilities through an act of Will, and that act of Will ties in the mind of the practitioner with the mind of the All (which is NOT the same thing as some regional notion of “god” as such).

Other forms of Chaos Magick just have established archetypes, cultural references, and other minds involved.


It is the truth. All magic Organisations are under surveillance if its the Masons, ascending Flame, Golden Dawn, OTO… Consider yourself lucky that you are in none of them @Anziel_Merkaba


Yeah, I’m too busy becoming a Double-Crowley


I think some people just like to add a dash or clump of fantasy to the occult to make it more meaty and exciting.

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I think the 2003 declassification of docs dating back to the 1970’s shows the deep state have long wanted to use magick as a tool, but I doubt chaos magick alone gets their interest more than anything else.


Right is that basically the description of chaos magick? Bc I create my own sigils for intentions etc

And am not entirely sure if I’m practicing chaos magick or just simply following someone’s method and adapting the spell they taught and there’s a lot more to practice of chaos magick than what I do???

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But aren’t they just kinda in the agencies?

Like say a Freemason or GD or Rosicrucian may work for the surveillance agency so wouldn’t be under surveillance?

I don’t mean that all are or you join an order to get a job like that or to avoid being under surveillance

However I do think if you’re holding an important job in national security… you’re quite likely to also be in one of these orders

I just can’t see why they’d be interested in me if I joined… when they’re probably one themselves

The sigil method comes from an obscure British artist by the name of Ausitn Osman Spare. It was one of his personal techniques. He became something of a prophet figure for other occultists like Genesis P. Porridge who took his simplified techniques and popularised them. The technique became well known through the Chaos Magick movement, but it is not Chaos Magick itself.

The basic premise of “chaos magick” is that it is your subconscious mind that is responsible for all magical effects, and that belief rules your world. Everything exists in your head, and there are no angels or demons or gods outside of yourself, so if you want to invoke Scrooge McDuck to bring you some much needed cash, it will be just as effective as calling upon the Goetic demon Bune, as long as you can force yourself to believe in it for the duration of the ritual.


What a legend

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Ok well you just described me and what I believe and practice :joy: so no folk it’s not dead at all

Never used Scrooge mcDuck tho

I go with what’s already easy to believe in and already gonna be rocking about in my subconscious from prior exoteric religion

Totally gonna test if I can get some random clearly funny characters working now tho. Will take a while probably but be a fun hypothesis to experiment with

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No, the existence of the Stargate project shows they were and probably are magpie picking anything they can use to get an advantage.

Exactly, though that is also based on the Kybalion (“All is Mind”), which seems to accurately summarise ancient hermetic beliefs, and ancient Hindu models about the nature of reality, based in themselves upon samadhi experiences.


A former member of this forum, Micah, evoked figures from movies and books, and abstract concepts so you might be interested in reading his posts:


Thanks!! Totally will

Suddenly becomes a lot clearer where I end up confused with the way some others practice and understand things

I really like Shem angels… but anything Hebrew, biblical related… well it’s already deeply there. It’s gonna make sense to me. And definitely got slightly interested in kybalion etc

I thought you were all kinda doing this actually! Just within your own frameworks for belief

Like some people it’s actually completely outside of the subconscious for why it works?


Santa Clause is a ton of fun to work with, but its not exactly his season.