Is the book Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson valid?

I purchased a book that was supposed to teach me how to practice magic but as I’m reading it, it seems to not teach differently from what I’v heard from some western ceremonial magicians. It’s talking about Ruins, New Moon and Full moon, and covens and stuff… Is this just a different form of magic? Or is it not even valid?


Ceremonial magick is distinct from witchcraft, which is what Mastering Witchcraft teaches (although there is some overlap here and there). I’ve seen several prominent occult figures say they started out with it back in the 70s, so it’s definitely a valid way to learn.

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If you’re specifically interested in witchcraft the Order of Nine Angles does present a dark paganism. Witchcraft is low Magick whereas that of the O.N.A. isn’t, just as the lhp isn’t. I use low Magick all of the time, but it’s not my goal.


So I’v been doing some looking into the difference between western ceremonial magick and Witchcraft. From what I’m gathering so far is they are 2 very different types of magic which is why I am recognizing foreign concepts compared to what I’v been looking at so far.

However for the sake of simplification, do you mind telling me the difference between the 2 in a basic sense? Because so far it appears that Witchcraft focuses more on manifesting one’s desire by way of self will / faith and western ceremonial encorporates more so summonings. Is that correct?

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Ceremonial = you are God commanding nature.

Witchcraft = you are nature communicating (resonating) with nature.

Eventually these principles intermingle.

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Yes it’s valid. My personal favorite but it’s not for beginners. It will benefit you the most if you already have some experience in witchcraft but need something to “put it all together” for you, after studying different material and experimenting different techniques.

The book is about traditional witchcraft, not ceremonial magick. There are no ceremonies in the book, there are simple rituals with minimum tools that most traditional witches and sorcerers already have or should have.

Besides that, the book is mainly for LHP practitioners and that’s a plus :slight_smile: