Is the a Spirit which can help get a woman I only have a picture of?

Is the a Spirit which can help get a woman I only have a picture of?
I found the picture on Facebook.


Gonna be hard to almost impossible. Read more about Sphere of Influence

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there is but almost impossible to work with it and to that depth even by senior mages. Seems very unlikely

The spirit of PM.
Talk to her? Get to know her? ffs


Is this one of those “I want to bang an Instagram model/celebrity who has never heard of me before and lives two hundred miles away so how can can I get her to show up on my doorstep and fuck me” threads?

I agree with @Tattersail. If she is not at least in the outer edges of your sphere of influence, it’s not going to happen.


Who is she? What are the odds that you’ll ever see this person, in life? You’re not giving a lot of information as far as your relationship to them (co-worker, classmate?).

With a picture, all you’ll be able to do is send her weird dreams and fondle her while she sleep, maybe to get her to think of you. If she doesn’t already know of you, she’ll have no reason to think about you. Magic is unreasonably reasonable.


If u don’t know them it’s unlikely but maybe u can set up a way to bump into or randomly meet the person but even th st maybe harder then if u know the person

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Interesting could you elaborate on how you do it…I am not new to magick at all but I am still interested…thanks

Sitri if you want her for sexual pleasures, Dantalion if you want to have a more emotional relationship. But of course, don’t get disappointed if you ask for something rather unrealistic and don’t get it (or just like @DarkestKnight said).