Is summoning an human being easier than a Demon?

And what happene in that case’ will I speak with that human being that I summoned?

There are other threads on here about this topic, they might be useful to read to get an idea of opinions on this:

It’s probably not the shortcut to getting someone completely under your control that it may seem, but it is possible.

I have always wondered this too, but i guess the reason its not so popular is that you should be a master of speaking to subconciousnesses in a way they will understand you correctly, and when you are talking to a specific person’s subconscious it might not be as easy as talking to yourself - also they might have some kind of spiritual defence for that? but yeah why not - Maybe using demons at controlling people is more popular because they are known for being masters of the art.

Anyways, it does not seem to be easier if that is the question.

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