Is summoning a demon something very scary?

I was thinking about it and trying to find many logical explanations, In fact, I was determined to call Lucifer And sit with him for a while and talk to him directly. But yesterday, I saw a video of a very cultured person, He spoke frankly where he said : There are many people who want to see a demon but they do not know the truth about it, We are all afraid But we are not equal in the degree of fear, But we can deal with fear and we can not fight! Because we will then be fighting ourselves! Then follow saying : Imagine that one day you were sleeping and suddenly you opened your eyes and you saw a ghost (shadow) standing in front of you! What will you do? Hahaha, So I said to myself, I will definitely run away!
I said these things, not for laughing and joking, but to help us how to MANAGE fear, And how do we turn fear into a force that helps us confront any entity?


When I first started working with Lucifer, what he told me was to “invoke to overcome fear.”


It’s quite interesting to me that you pose this question. This literally goes along with some things I’ve been thinking about and experimenting with. There is a re-occurring thing that is popping up in my personal life. An entity told me once: “Life is a battle of wills” and I’ve been vibing with it.

I asked myself the question: “Could you weaponize will? How do you just will something into existence?”

In my first experiment, I tried meditation.

When I meditated I tried to separate myself from the emotion/feeling (in my case, anxiety) and then took that energy behind it and injected it with my will and sent it out. In this experiment, I used the energy behind the emotion/feeling to execute will. Maybe it can be done in this way, except instead of executing will in the physical, it can be used as a “kickstart”?


Unless you disrespect them there should be no fear, dont get me wrong some of there presence’s are very strong and intimidating but thats also to see how you will react some can be very sexual presentation its all in how you perceive it.


I know that fear is a natural thing and must be present in a person, But my problem is that when I’m under fear It controls me, And it irritates my senses Meaning that I became very attentive, I feel hot in my body and my heart starts beating fast…

I respect them, I appreciate them and I know they are intelligent beings. Is there some way to show them that I am a friend?

This is what I’m talking about and I want to reach it, I want to control my fear and make it a motivation to confront my fears and thoughts… I also wish that there were exercises to control emotion…

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Like I said, invoke to overcome fear.


I can not, I’m a coward! Lucifer knows this very well, He knows that if I summon him and appear to me as a man, maybe a snake, or even a shadow For without any doubt, I will lose consciousness. And I will fall and go into a coma.

I have a strange idea, My mind tells me that I can’t do anything. And I do not know how to do magic, It is not for me…

:joy::joy:sad angel why do you sound in my head like a character from the “three idiots” Indian film


Simply because I’m a coward like them :rofl:

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You fear dying? :joy::joy:

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Embrace death my brother… In every way

No, I do not fear death

I am afraid of being lost

Losing your mind?? Losing your identity? Lost g the self…? Again embrace death of these… Leap headloong into the darkness… It is in getting lost that you might find yourself


I’ll let, you in on a little secret… All that, stalling won’t help you at, all lol… Don’t wait till the entities “engineer” circumstances and experiences in your life that’ll knock you hard for you to come to this realisation… Trust me… Lucifer doesn’t play :joy::joy:I put magick on hold for 3years…lets just say I didn’t die… Buy boy oh boy… Went through rude awakenings

“If you can’t, find your light it will be forced out of you”

I respect Lucifer and give him gifts and consider him my friend