Is spells ongoing?

Let’s say you did a spell to be lucky in gambling. You did well and then you provide your gift to the demons. IS the spell on going or does it end the contract? Or you did a spell to be attractive to others to find someone special. When you found someone , will you spell to increase your attraction be on going? Does it mean that once you attract someone into your life, you no longer will attract another? IS spell ongoing after you give gift to demon for the help?

Spells can be ongoing if they’re made to be, however if you called on an external force in your spells then it is as ongoing as the entity chooses.

Some of the books says to redo spells as they may weaken over time. I guess i can do both. Set an ongoing spell and recast if i feel it’s no longer potent. Spells can’t be staying at it’s peak constantly.