Is some sort of parasitical spirit leeching off my friend?

This is going to be a long read so try to bare with me on this one. I appreciate anyone who can provide their knowledge opinion or expertise on this matter in advance.

So this is my third time typing out this story because there’s a lot of drama and details that is important to know but it ended up being far too long so im going to shorten it alot so it may be a bit confusing but feel free to ask me about more details or questions as it may be needed.

We’ll call my friend Vivi we have been friends since freshman year of high school and we both just turned 23 this year. We had been living together since 2017 after she had a bad roommate experience with a couple of our old friends from HS. Our living situation was going really well until she met this guy who started working at her Job. Quickly she fell in love which was the beginning of the end to all of this because his intentions were stuck on being FWB. We’ll call him Isaac. He had just moved from out of state I believe just getting out of a serious relationship so he had expressed to her several times he wasn’t looking for anything serious and at first she was ok with that. I knew that was going to go sour cause I know how obsessive she gets with guys.

When vivi is not obsessing over a guy in her own reality its usually a celebrity she puts that energy towards and its intense so when she falls in love its usually quick and its HARD.

So this guy started to “be friend” a married women who also had a young child at their job. This women we will call Alexis. She is VERY important to this story. She quickly took a liking to Isaac as well and they began a obvious little relationship of some sort together. Isaac swears up and down probably to this day that they were only friends but that clearly wasnt the case.

So vivi and isaac continue to hang out and Alexis finds out about it and starts spreading rumors about Vivi. One day Vivi comes home from work and tells me “people found out im a witch!” I told her it made no damn sense and she explained how she thought Isaac was the one who blabbed to Alexis and thats where people started to assume Vivi was some evil witch.

I don’t understand how Isaac would assume that and tell the Alexis about it cause it makes no sense. She hid her altar every time he came over she mentioned to me that one time she left out A COUPLE of crystals which somehow makes you a witch and an evil one at that? But ok. She hid her altar because he had a lot of Jesus tattoos and what not. And this was around the time where me and her were both learning and getting into spirituality and witchcraft coming from a strict Christian background so we cared about how the majority perceived us at the time. We were about two years out of HS at that point, both insecure, naive, and ignorant about alot.

Anyways other rumors quickly began to pick up and eventually it had made it seem like Vivi was a side chick because to everyone at work Alexis and Isaac were dating though when Vivi asked about it he would make her feel crazy and deny it.

Eventually Alexis got a divorce from her husband apparently and got engaged to isaac now at this point this was all coming from conclusions Vivi was jumping too. Its kind of hard to explain because from the way she was explaining it she could have easily been misinterpreting what and who people were talking about. This “engagement” really pissed her off because she had convinced herself Isaac was going to purpose to her even though after all the drama broke out between Alexis and Vivi he began to avoid her and ignore her texts. He never said he loved her he was headstrong on being fwb but she was not getting it. At the point where Vivi thought she was going to be proposed too they weren’t even in communication she was getting it from misinterpreting Tarot readings. She would do her own and watch videos on youtube. It was to the point where it was absolutely obsessive she never left for work before doing a reading even if she did 6 others that day in regards to the same situation and already got the messages she asked for. It was so often that hearing the sound of cards shuffle is like white noise to me.

Now she had gotten this idea she was gonna be proposed to from that and also because one time after they hadn’t hung out for awhile he was playing/messing around with her ring finger for a few seconds while they were laying down together. So she was really upset because she feels like Alexis pressured him into marrying her because apparently according to Vivi (no i dont know where she got this information from) he was hiding an engagement ring that was meant for Vivi and Alexis ended up finding it and he just ended up proposing to her. This makes no sense because she had found out her coworkers including Alexis and Isaac had went to the cheesecake factory after work and he proposed there. But if she had already found the ring how does that make sense? Im actually just now putting that together typing this right now… wow.

Ok anyways, I told her time a time again if a man wants you HE WILL show you. If he wants to marry YOU he will marry YOU.

Vivi believed Alexis was using black magick to bind her and Isaac together so he felt compelled to make all these actions towards Alexis and not vivi.

Now let me tell you this. This was at toxic ass Amazon, Alexis drove a mercedes (dammit i should of named her Mercedes lol) had her body done and lived in a nice expensive apartment downtown with her son. Her husband well ex husband was living in the Dominican Republic and i believe she got money from him and her family might have been wealthy from the looks of her instagram.

Naturally everyone gravitated to her because she had the body and the personality… well not personality it was definitely a facade and she was able to manipulate people easily.

People believed everything she said about Vivi she even started a rumor that Isaac cheated on her with Vivi and got her pregnant so everyone kept staring at her stomach according to her and after a few months of her being harrassed and bullied someone finally noticed after 6 months she wasn’t showing at all (shes quite petite it would have been noticeable) and she over heard someone say “shes not even pregnant” so she hoped it would stop but it didnt.

Apparently throughout all of this Alexis was supposed to be pregnant too and Vivi was distraught about it at first and she swore to me up and down she had a baby bump but when I checked her instagram and even go back on it to check present day she was never pregnant and there is no baby it has been like 2 years.

Throughout vivis time at amazon Alexis had people follow her and watch her to “make sure she wasnt going to go meet up with isaac” before Isaac got fired and after he was fired then it was to see if she was leaving to go see him.

This was all vivis assumptions from the Tarot readings she did herself and watched. None of this was ever proven but it was weird that people were following her unless she was being paranoid from the 19 tarot readings she was doing and watching A DAY. No im not exaggerating if i had to put a number on it I would say AT LEAST 19, thats why cards shuffling became white noise to me.

I wanted to mention that it was also weird how once Vivi switched from night shift to morning shift to get away from the drama about a week or so later Alexis did the same after them both having the night shift for the last 3 years…

Eventually she left cause it got worse and btw Amazon Hr is TRASH. The harrassment got so bad to the point I called in to corporate cause it was just too much. She came home everyday either crying or mad as hell for the past TWO YEARS about the same shit. I tried to help her get new jobs it was almost like she wanted to stay there.

So she quit on spot one day and started working at a target closer to our new apartment cause we had moved in the midst of all this and the drama followed her there. Now this is where I believe some paranoia comes into play. Apparently someone that either used to work at Amazon or knew Alexis happened to be working there and started the rumors all over again. Even though we were in a whole different city/town.

Anyways… oh i wanted to add in something about Isaac, when Vivi would text him how she felt talking about love and stuff and he often never responded I remember she also mentioned what was going on at work while he was still working there and you know what he said to her “I dont care” and “thats not my problem” “thats between you and her” blah blah blah. Even though this was all because of him and this girl was spreading rumors and harassing Vivi over him every second she got. There was even one time I came home from work and I heard her crying and yelling “you dont care???” “I just told you shes been putting me through-” and ya wasnt really trying to intrude so i went to my room and he left the apartment shortly after that, that was before we moved though.

So ya, in the new apartment where she switched jobs after awhile of still working at the previous one she was saying people were taking pictures of her now saying shes pregnant by isaac the famous rapper which mind you i checked his instagram and he still is like following more people then the 400 people following him idk where that makes you famous at but I think this is where mental illness comes into play.

She later finds out he put some sort of spell on her to where Vivi wouldnt be able to find his rapper name which makes no sense i feel like that’s unavoidable if you’re supposed to be a famous person (but this was like way later she told me this just a couple weeks ago, just stay tuned)

One day all of a sudden she confronted me asking if we had a problem very aggressively, she had her hands behind her back and kept inching closer and closer to me like she wanted to fight. Now she asked me that because I began to pull back from her. I was drained… She was constantly telling me about all this stuff which some i didnt even know wether to believe or not cause it always sounded like she was jumping to conclusions and putting things that probably didnt exist into existence. And i started to pull back. I was tired, i was working and most times she came home and woke me up an hour before i had to get up for work to talk about this stuff or right after I got home from work.

She didnt drive so often times I drove her to many places like work, the grocery store, and she never offered gas it was always out of my way. I was the one cleaning and changing the cats litter boxes we had 3 cats, 2 were mine and 1 was hers but I fed her cat and i bought the cat food and fed it along with my 2 cats and i also cleaned up after it.

It was tiring, i was also in the middle of trying to loose weight so going to the gym consistently and meal prepping it was alot, plus i had my own set of personal problems but anyways.

She started to take my silence for shade like i no longer believed her side. But it wasnt that, i just didnt know how to tell her that I was drained.

So ya, she starts arguing with me accusing me of thinking she’s pregnant saying that I know she hasnt seen isaac since this many months or whatever and all this other type of stuff, accusing our friends that were there witnessing all of this of taking pictures of her too. And it was a whole mess, so shortly after the argument I couldn’t take the tension anymore and I ended the lease and we went our separate ways.

Fast forward to present day we rekindled our friendship in September because she had reached out to my sister who was their to witness the argument and asked her to send me her number. After about a week of hesitation i finally texted her and she just said she missed me so much and she learned a lot spiritually and she wanted me to meet her new boyfriend and friends she made and I was SO happy for her thinking shes moved on from the situation and got better. She did tell me over text they were going to be there astrally but I should still be able to hear them so I was super fuckin excited I love this kind of shit so i asked her more questions.

She explained to me that her boyfriend we’ll call Danny had to help her astral project like take her out of her body because she didn’t know how to on her own so he would just help her everytime. Confused I was like alright well I want to see this… or hear these people lol, im ready.

So we face timed either that day or the next day I can’t remember so i could meet her bf and friends. But i saw she was in her bed laying down and she was like so Danny is right here and (we’ll call the other dude Jacob and this one girl April) and jacobs here, aprils there.

She asked if I could hear them and I was like no and then somehow we got into who these people really were…

Brace yourself, Im not going to say the rappers name but I will tell you that he is known for emo rap and hes not dead.

Remember when I said when theres nothing really going on in her reality love life she tends to latch on and obsess over celebrities? Well this particular one she had been obsessing over since we first moved in together i knew she loved him. But she was more obsessed over Machine Gun Kelly at the time.

So anyways she doesn’t call this particular rapper that apparently was there astrally by his rap name she calls him by his legal name.

So i was confused and then i asked her how that was even possible and she explained to me that a portal opened. So basically Danny is Jacobs (the fake name im using for the emo rapper) best friend that you can find in his music videos and lives and instagram stories. What caused her to first believe all of this was possible was there was this one time back when we were living together she got excited because she caught one of his IG lives and she had asked him something and he apparently responded.

So she takes that as they were talking and having a conversation or something? Thats just from my understanding.

Anyways, she explains to me how her and jacob were supposed to meet up at one of his concerts he had near us back in January of this year and she was going to move to his state and live with him and I believe get married? (when Danny is supposed to be her bf right now btw) but apparently he had gotten this instagram model who we’re calling April pregnant. I checked, the girl was never pregnant and this rapper doesnt have any public kids also hes fairly young. So apparently April and Vivi were beefing over that for awhile but according to Vivi they eventually became friends. Now, to make this shorter im entering a screenshot thats probably not going to make sense but adds more background to what she has been saying to me. I typed all this down and changed the names when she was on the phone with me at like 2 o clock in the morning upset because her and Jacob broke up or something.

Yes im confused too. Apparently shes with both but is monogamous? Idk its a whole lot im confused too.

Now to the serious part when we started hanging out again she explained to me that they never leave her which makes no sense. Because they cant be conscious doing other stuff with other people while also astrally being with her so my mind immediately went to schizophrenia. When we’re together I never know if shes talking to me or to Jacob, Danny, or April. She is CONSTANTLY talking to them, from the moment she goes to bed to the moment she wakes up. It’s literally non stop. She can sometimes hold a conversation with me for a little while but i would say at max 5 minutes and then she’ll trail off talking to the other people.

She goes as far as to say that Alexis and Isaac astrally intruded her body and thats how she was pregnant that one time with not knowing but apparently Alexis knowing and thats why/how Alexis started spreading that rumor because apparently Isaac sexually assaulted her astrally without her knowing and she believes she had a miscarriage and thought it was heavy period blood and bad cramps but i think it was her depression and stress from the situation, she lost 30 pounds in the midst of all that drama of course your period is going to be abnormal she wasnt eating as well. So she tells me that either Danny or Jacob saw i think Alexis or Isaac leave her body once (while me and her werent in communication) and all this other type of stuff.

This whole situation is confusing and concerning to me and I know im leaving out alot of other important details but this is already a novel and I really want to thank anyone who actually took the time to read all of this.

This is my best friend and I care about her I need to know if this is mental illness or maybe something more sinister.

I feel like if this were the case with these celebrities and public figures they would at least be following her on social media or she would have their number. Non of it really adds up or make sense, i want to believe her because how passionately and serious she talks about all of it but then theres moments like last week were I felt completely disrespected. She tried to say that we were being mean to each other and got in that argument that ended our friendship because Alexis and Isaac were in our bodies arguing through us. But i told and explained to her why I was being “mean” towards her in her eyes and it had all to do with just being tired and drained she even said well maybe not in your body but for me I know they were in my body because it felt like something came over me it didnt feel like me, and I questioned her and said that kind of sounds like maybe bi polar disorder and she got a little defensive and tried to explain some more.

Lastly, i had made another post on here about my ex that i believe im karmically tied too.

Im bringing him up because she believes she can channel any living person spiritually and talk to them consciously, well either that or to their “spirit” so she says.

Its really weird. She went as far as talking to my ex about who he was potentially dating on this show he went on (not a dating show) and having a short “conversation” with him cause she “channeled” him or his spirit or whatever while we were on the phone together cause she kept asking me fucking questions about him that I really just didnt want to answer and didn’t want to talk about cause im trying to move on. It was rude and disrespectful to me at that point so i hung up. Thats why im here, i need answers I believe if this is spiritual and not mental illness it has to be a parasite feeding off her depression and low vibrations. Shes already seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist btw, but she doesn’t tell them everything like she tells me.

If anyone has any kind of helpful information please feel free to share your thoughts or expertise.
Im so sorry this is so long drama filled and a bit confusing!

Thanks again everyone.

P.S attached is the screenshots I was referring to earlier, keep in mind though I was typing as she was talking to me trying to take notes in the middle of the night so its barely going to make sense but its just some more information/background. She was explaining how her and Jacob broke up or something.
Also if requested I can provide more examples/details of times where I assumed it was schizophrenia just didnt include in the story cause this is already so long.

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I am not a doctor or medical professional but your friend sounds mentally ill. Mixing spiritualism with mental illness of this kind (obsession, paranoia, delusion) is kind of a recipe for disaster unless the person in question has any self-awareness and is going to focus on using magic to restore their mental wellness and balance. It doesn’t sound like your friend is anywhere near that level of being able to reflect on her actions, and furthermore it sounds like this delusion has become the driving force behind her every thought, word, and action, which to me (again, not a doctor) tips the scales into mental illness territory.

She might be your best friend but this entire situation sounds completely unhealthy and draining. I’m not even going to comment on this from a magical perspective but the best advice I can give you personally is to ease her out of your life, and notify her family (assuming she has a supportive/loving family) that you are concerned about her mental health and her ability to cope so they can assist her in getting the help she needs.

She will likely find out about this and be pissed at you. But the alternative is to remain embroiled in her exhausting drama, and if you’re not 100% on board and enthusiastically agreeing with and supporting her delusions, there’s a huge chance she will turn on you with complete mistrust and consider you as being “against her” anyway.

Regardless of whether or not she does have some kind of parasite feeding off her, there is little you can do personally to help unless she is willing to help herself, and even if you did approach her to tell her she is being preyed on by a parasitic entity (which I can’t really confirm or deny from your story either way), she is, again, probably going to do whatever possible mental gymnastics to preserve her delusion, and accuse you of being “jealous” or “against her”.

Sorry love, no easy answers to this one. Your friend needs help, and the best thing you can do to support her (cut ties and tell her family that she’s mentally unwell) is probably going to feel shitty for both of you. If you’re looking for something to do magically then you could perhaps consider calling on entities who can aid in her healing and finding the best people to help her. Hopefully one day she will be well enough to return to your life and might even thank you for it. Wishing you the best.