Is Sitri a creep?

Sorry, sorry sorry, I know this is a stupid question and I ask to go easy way.

But can you let me know just the steps to invoke sitri with the sigil?

I tried yesterday but nothing, although worked before for Amon

Prince Sitri is not a creep. He’s speaks really loudly (out of all the spirits i work with I could hear him the easiest and loudest) and can be obnoxious (kept calling me tough guy until I asked him what the deal was and then he mellowed and started calling me bud) but certainly not a creep. He’s actually pretty easy to work with.


Try using this candle magick method, it works pretty well.

If you can, substitute the candle in the middle for a white vulva candle (if for a new woman) or red vulva candle (if you know her already), anointed with Follow Me Girl oil.

Also, for the 3 triangle corner candles, use purple candles instead of red. Purple is tuned to psychic forces of the Moon, which is a sexual emotion-stirring planet. The Moon is for desire, Venus is for love, and Mars is for lust. Use the Moon to get desire first. Lust comes second and love comes last.

Let us know how it went for you and what the results were.



Care to elaborate what happened in your specific situation like did you get laid or did you had several hot girls lusting after you.

Does Sitri invoke lust into all women or only the ones that you find attractive and desirable?

naked not only in “nude” sense
but to reveal their deep secrets

that’s was the most intelingent topic i’ve read ,

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Hi… so as someone who’s never invoked or evoked any entity before, but desires Sitri’s help in matters of lust… should I just look at the sigil and repeat his enn? Or am I required to do something else as well?

According to DarkestKnight, Enns do not summon the entity, you’re if I remember correctly only summoning a fragment of their energy not the being themselves.

When it comes to sigils of a being you can perform a ritual or meditate on the sigil with the intent to send a message to the being behind the sigil.


Chanting the enn will get the spirits attention, but it is more of an invitation than a summoning, from my understanding, so the spirit may or may not show up. Demonolatry, from which enns originate, is a religious practice, and doesn’t believe in commanding a demon to appear.

In my opinion, you will get the same result if you open a seal and just chant, “Sitri, come.”

If you want to summon the spirit, instead of using the enn, I recommend EA’s Incantation to Summon Forth:


Thank You. Your help is deeply appreciated!

Cool! I never knew that… thanks!

what do you want exactly? do you have a target or do you just want to get laid?

I have a target… I want him more as a FWB than an actually romantic relationship though

@atea_coli That’s easy. just tell the guy straight up. be upfront. Most guys are ok with FWB. don’t need magick for that. your success is probably more than 80% already.

You are right

Sitri will make it be on and off. Not sure that’s what you want even for a fuckboi

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Hi edbr,
I am writing as you worked in Prince Sitri. I bought sigil of Prince Sitri one year ago without any knowledge and kept his sigil in safe place where me and my wife cant see. But last six months we are facing troubles like, sexual sounds in air, birds chirping, porn sounds, orgasm sounds, people around us getting sexually attracted to me, rod/iron falling sound in roof… in that case, if we dont want to keep the sitri sigils what to do? and if you want to keep what to do? I dont know whether it was from any goetic demon or not. in that case what we can do with sigils?

Everyone has a different experience: you gotta try it out for yourself. The whole thing is based on consciousness and beliefs.

Piggybacking on what @emperor and @ebdr mentioned.

I have a question for the ladies, and potentially also gay men who have worked with Sitri!

I try not to limit entities to what is in a grimoire. Especially since it was mainly men using these grimoires and writing them. As a woman my primal interests are not the same. Hence, I told sallos to block usering spirits if they are ever around lol. My primal desire is commitment and resources. Men’s is sex with the most attractive women of their tribe and others as a sign of conquering and having power. They are so flattered when hot women sleep with them willingly and for free. I find a man who only wants to sleep with me insulting. But sitri is tapping into a persons primal desires and brings forth your primal character according to his theme: lust. His talent seems to be getting people to “show you what they got”.

****So as an interesting experiment, have any women gotten men to “show them what they got” $$$$. Obviously we are less interested in seeing random penises. I’m talking about telling you his resources/cash flow situation. Which men tend to naturally brag about when they are trying to win over the hot girl, Provided they have something to brag about. This could be a way to get to the truth of the matter though. Like so what a guy has a Mercedes key. I’ve met men who rent luxury cars to attract women. But if he shows you his registration! So what he says he owns this this and this. A lot of entrepreneurs are actually debt poor. But if he shows you a bank statement or a deposit slip freshly from the bank. Now that would be a woman’s version of “showing us what ya got”. The mechanism At work is still lust but it’s a way to turn that energy around for the woman’s benefit instead of just listening to chauvinist men in grimoires.

Oh and I notice men on this board stuff the place With their needs and desires no problem. Yet women who have made such inquiries about money have been called all sorts of names. This site is full of cheap quick cheap get-sex-quick dump her force her to want sex dump her get her back for more sex spells so don’t come for me. the whole point of witchcraft is to be beholden to none!

@Lascivo having sigil don’t do anything. YOu would have to cast a spell or invoke/evoke him. IF you didn’t do any spell then your just thinking stuff up in your head being paranoid.