Is she telling the truth?

I know this interview is an old one ,maybe some of you already knows about it just want your opinions. Thanks!Tne interview is on Coast to Coast ,Art Bell ,guest Harlot the witch
This is the forst part of the interview , the rest is on youtube too

She sounds pretty disturbed but it could be true… Who knows?.. there’s lots of conspiracy theory garbage out there. Do you think the Donald Marshall stories are real? Just saying…

Disturbed or not I am asking myself why she would lye?Excepting the situation if she is having mental problems…

Theres levels to this… Shes either lying,exaggerating or an extremist. Either way, the majority of witches,satanists,etc don’t get down like that. That’s all there is to it.

However,after listening to the whole interview. There is a lot of truth to what she says. You need to do your own research and figure what the truth is for yourself. There is a really informative video on YouTube called " the Soul travelers " or “occult travelers” its a long audio book,but its extremely helpful to those at the crossroads of understanding… I wish you luck in freeing your mind and your soul. Don’t take everything you hear on face value. Research the information given, just don’t expect t.v. or the bible to give you the truth.

This is the reason i wanted to know the opinions of those once deeply involved in the occult. About the bible in my opinion is a book of fairy tale…I listened one of the Coast to Coast shows regarding the soul travel.

Listened to the first video, so far this sounds like a poser who took art bell for a ride, but I’ll check out the other videos

If she is just a poser which is the purpose?wasting time?

Well remember at first she was going by harlot from SLC Utah. Then suddenly she wanted to go by her real name. She wanted attention for whatever reason.

I think she’s actually a bible thumper pretending tobe a devil worshiper, the crazy bible thumpers who called in were the only people who agreed with her views and you know something funny is going on when bible thumpers and devil worshipers see eye to eye.

Either that or if she really does believe in what she says she’s just really bad at her job, as what she is doing is more likely to make people go the other way since was like “yep were totally going to lose, but it’ll be a sweet ride up until then. We’ll be tortured forever later but don’t sweat it.”

Coast to coast and such are full of bible people & people who seem to make up different sort of conspiracies for the heck of it, so i don’t think i will even bother to listen to it… We should know better, or will know better.

I’m listening through it and is currently on the 3:rd video. The way she talks, is a dead give away. It sounds like she is preaching the bible, and acting the role as the enemy of the bible. Saying stuff like, i love to lead people astray, i love when people think they are christian, but don’t know gods plan for them. She say that the god of the bible is true and the highest, but she follow Satan cause it’s her sin nature, she welcome damnation and eternal torment in the pit forever.
She says that she curses people and do baneful works, then Art Bell ask her if she is afraid of getting the curses send backed at her, 3 fold or 10 fold. She says she don’t care, as long the one she curses is hurt, she is happy.

My theory is that she is a christian, doing kind of reverse preaching, her message if you don’t follow the bible you will go to hell and burn forever. Her language is precise, she says there is no mercy, the devil is the father of lies, and deceit, our main goal is to lure the people of god astray, away from god.

I don’t buy it why do she call god the truth and devil a liar, she believes in the book of revelation and the Armageddon. In the end God will win she says. Now in the 5:th video. So i call bullshit on this one.

[update] On video 8, 0:37 She says the word damn, and quickly excuse herself. So she said a curse word, and of course as a christian she asked for forgiveness without thinking.
In video 11 she outright preaches to a 21 year old druid girl, she says please continue practicing magic and we will sit together in fire and brimstone. Then she continue to say if you search your scripture, you will find that these kind of practices is not of god.
So she cant keep her little act, when she find someone who she deem lost, then she begin to preach to her to seek god and read the bible. This is overly obvious fake, from the info so far i think she is a devoted mormon.

How pathetic… she will indeed tremble in pieces in front of our might.

My thoughts exactly. Sort of like those new metal bands on the rise that use really dark imagery, their band names made of a mangled font, and their song names taking on the appearance of a black metal Satanic band, but upon listening closely you can tell they are a christian metal band in disguise trying to lure you to christianity by pretending to be dark. Almost just as dumb as the idea of a christian metal band in the first place.

A christian pretending to be a devil worshiper to scare people away from hell.


That’s like hiring a dog to play the role of a cat in an animal themed movie.

It’s so obvious they are lying because their views about us and what we really do behind the scenes is christianized and such views are furthermore confirmed by movies and TV, so when they try to play the part of one of us, they get everything wrong, they go way overboard, and they say and do things that we don’t even do in real life.

It’s like those demon voices videos I record to scare the christians. I know demons don’t even act like that but my purpose is to scare christians away from me so they’ll stop trying to convert me, the annoying ones that have never even met me face to face but automatically assume that because I am wearing a black shirt with a skull on it and have tattoos that I am unsaved and need a jesus pamphlet handed to me.

I record those voices in varied pitches and tones, screaming blasphemy, talking about the apocalypse, stuff that scares them. I even admit in my videos that none of these voices are actually real demons speaking, and I sometimes state this is for those of you that believe demons actually behave this way in real life because of what the TV has taught you, and they still think it’s real. They tell me, even If I was doing it for scare factor that I would not be able to manipulate my voice in such a way unless I was possessed by something evil. Geez…

Another clue is her name is Patsi, you know patsi is also a word used for people who essentially are sent on fools errands.

I actually did some divination just in case to see if she really was a devil worshiper, because I sort of have a way of taking advantage of people who carelously make pacts with certain entities without thinking things through so I thought I might be able to get something from her on the off chance she was what she said. But it would appear she wasn’t what she claimed she was and my hunch was right so I kinda wasted my time, oh well nothing ventured nothing gained. Looks like she did a number on art bell and those other fools who bought into this, shame no one calling in was smart enough to call her out on what she did.

There are people out there who do hold views kind of similar to what she claimed, we even had one on the forum in the past gvjbune or something was his username, but there are a few ways to tel if someone is legit. One is that she really didn’t do any favors to the side she claimed to represent, so either she was a phoney or extremely incompetant. The other is she didn’t really demonstrate any occult knowledge whatsoever, gvjbune at least was able to do that demonstrating he really was what he claimed to be rather then someone who was just posing like her.

Anyone can be a good actor/actress or a bad one too. My ex-hubby went on the coast to coast am radio show when they were having a special about demonic possession (I know what you’re thinking, oh god here comes another one of Raven’s crazy stories, but I am brutally honest and a thrill seeker who gets bored too often so all of my crazy stories are actually true). I really need my own comedy based TV show.

Anyway, they were having a call-in hour wanting to hear from demonically possessed people or call in if you have a possessed loved one. The phone lines are always busy so he had the number on speed dial, I sat there on redial for like 40 minutes until they answered and he had me tell them the story of my possessed husband. He says, is he with you right now? I said yes. Just then my ex started screeching in the background shouting “I am a master of hell and I am here to do the devil’s work. The dark lord works thru me. He’s everywhere, he’s in everything, I can feel him running thru my veins (that last line was a reference by Faruza Balk on The Craft if you didn’t already catch that)”.

They bought every word of it even though his act was an obvious fake. They referred him to pastor Bob Mackey for a consultation. He lead these people on for months with his possessed routine, they met with him to do a Are you possessed? questionnaire and everything. The pastor wanted to exorcise him but it was going to be recorded for national Tv and would also air on coast to coast a.m. He was cool with that, he wanted to get famous.

He was going to go thru with the whole thing, let them film him acting like the exorcism worked and then he was gonna start laughing all evil-like as if he was getting ready to say “what you think your bible can get rid of me so easily?” but instead he was going to say, you know this was a prank right? And you all just made fools of yourselves! But his plans were put on halt when a relative of mine that lived next door said, I will not have those people come here on this land while you make a mockery of my lord and savior on live TV. I will not stand by and let it happen. So we ended up telling him the deal was off because a relative wanted him to get the help but felt embarrassed about us being on TV because everyone that knows her would shame her for having such a sinful relative. So yeah, that plan was stopped abruptly while in action.

I felt bad for your relative stopping that plan… We shouldn’t let people stop us, even if well… That necessarily wasn’t so important for you, but it would have proved how easy it is to scam coast to coast.

Raven, that is fucking priceless! I was 13, when my parents took me to a Church Of England based healing home and the minister was in my face, commanding
"demons" to come out of me. I was trying damn hard not to crack-up, but the odd little laugh escaped, which seemed to be taken as further evidence that I was possessed -WACKO!
Way back when I was at uni, there was a website,, where a guy streamed recordings of crank phone calls. In one of them, he pretended to be a Scottish alcoholic, also claiming, “I’ve got Satan inside me!” and calls a Xtian prayer line.
As the volunteer began praying for him, sound effects straight out of “The Exorcist” were heard in the background. The volunteer asks him to repeat, “I give my life to you, Jesus.”, the prankster replies, “I give my life to you, SATAN!” and the volunteer appears not to notice. }:smiley:

@Lilithflower I understand dealing with religious family members. My sister for example works for CBN. Imagine the discussions we have when I visit them. Especially when I don’t hide that I am a student of magick. Nevertheless I enjoy a healthy debate from time to time…lol.

@Raven I actually faked being possessed as a kid for attention and to “get out of trouble “the devil made me do it””. I was basically smart enough as a kid to use their religion against them. The sad part is…people actually believe it true. I was conning them the whole time and later when I told them they still believed the lie. Some people huh?

As for the coast to coast interview. I enjoyed the show back when it was art bell. I like George Moony but I don’t watch it anymore. The radio show while entertaining does sound “too good to be true” While real life crazy shit does exist. Sometimes the truth is harder to believe then the lie for a lack of better terms. Personally I don’t hold a lot of legitimacy to the show in general. Most of it is staged and exaggerated for ratings, and none of the interviews are verified plausible. I wouldn’t take anything on that show too seriously. I had a friend and I blogged about him. He was on a radio show (not as popular) with a “psychic” she was fake. (big surprise). Well he had and still has a spirit companion (a succubus as most people call her). She made it seem like he has a soul stealing parasite and tried to brainwash him into banishing her for good. When he finally snapped out of the bullshit and thought with his own brain. He then learned she was full of shit. Now he is living his life much better off from his learned lesson.