Is samael the true Angel of death?

Does here someone know?

Yes, Samael is considered to be the main archangel of death in most Judiac lore. He is the leader of the “destroyer angels,” the group of angels God sends out against his enemies, and he later became the template for the egregore of Satan, due to a misunderstanding of his role as the accuser, or “satan,” in the heavenly court.

Though he is often referred to as evil, and confused with the Christian devil, he is not, in fact, fallen, but is God’s chief of the divine forces of destruction.

However, in some Judaic traditions, as well as in Islam, the archangel of death is said to be Azrael, and the stereotypical depiction of the Grim Reaper we are all familiar with (black robed figure with a scythe) comes from some poetic descriptions of him.


So samael is the one who takes humans soul to the underworld? Has anyone here confirmed this with him personally?

There is no “underworld” in Samael’s mythology. He is a Judaic archangel, and his job is to take souls to stand before judgement in God’s court, and to present their sins, to determine if they are worthy of entering Heaven.

It is important to note that, contrary to a lot of the LHP dogma surrounding him, especially in his position as husband to Lilith and ruler of the Qlippoth, Samael is not a fallen angel. He is obedient to God, and works to tempt mankind at His behest. That is his duty.

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Azrael is the angel of death. Samael is the destroyer. They are quite different concepts in their order.


Samael :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: is very important. His existence is oft misunderstood, sadly even in the LHP scene. Anyways to fully understand him try to take as reference the unity of Samael-Lilith and the mistery of Leviathan as seed of Chaos. As a holistic view the dark Trinity: Samael Leviathan Lilith might clear your question. You can also meditate on the meaning of the little death (le petite mort) is a post-orgasm concept, this might help to settle your thirst of knowledge.

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According to the Apocalypse, the Angel that has the key to the Abyss is Abaddon, not Samael.
The Abyss is usually considered as the place for the dead (Abyss is not a Hell, according to the Bible).

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