Is Raum good for death curses

I am trying to delete my life long ememy who has far gone past my limit of tolarance.

I need a swift and effictive result. I was wondering if Raum is a good choice.


I always use Glasya-Labolas. He is always very effective. I cannot comment on Raum as I have never used him.

Glasya would no doubt eradicate your vermin


If you need advice on Glasya, feel free to PM me about the ritual etc


Sorry to take away from the topic, OP. Vanessalves, would it be okay to talk with you privately about Glasya-Labolas? I am unable to initiate a PM.

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Raum is good for magic war. He can destroy a man life and dignity. Really, he can make a HUGE damage to an enemy’s life. He is a VERY powerful spirit.

But things like this depends more on your statement. You can use Dantalion to “change the heart and mind of people”, so why not use him to bring a huge depression on your enemy that leads to your so desired outcome?

I mean, a lot of spirits can deal with death curses, that depends on you and your plans. Plan your spells and see what happens.


I’d like some assistance in this too please. Please would you PM of the ritual?

I just made the master curse from the book of magickal attack. I’m looking forward for the results but i think Glasya-Labolas has the greater energy. I would be grateful if u have more info on him…

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i just used raum 4 months before , my target is in hospital now , his liver is destroyed completely ,with in 2,3 days he is having a liver transplant , i dun knw he wud die or live , but i wud recommend Raum .
Hail Raum


l am so fucked that I am late