Is possible have sex with Goddesses?

I am male.
I not say all,only the ones Like Aphrodite,Innana,for example.
I tried Pranayama with mentally saying invocate Aphrodite,for example.
Or is a Bad Idea?.
If the Gods are Planets personified,they are the ones who lets us evolve to today woman right,so they should support this.
I feel Aphrodite presence,and sexual Touch,when i invocate it, dont know if is a bad idea\i am deluded.
I could have bad repercutions?.
I dont like Abrahamic Succubus.

Also i viewed a Woman chest with a Golden Necklace to the womb and a Three Norway Shields,when i tried to Astral Project.

Could be Frejya BrĂ­singamen?.

…What?? XD


Well more for you, you horny he goat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I tried one time a invocating a “Lilith Daughter”,and left with a very disagradable presence.
For me,at least.
Like a Black Woman,with a horrible smell.
I didnt like the presence.

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I’m pretty sure You have to be clear in what you desire when summoning a succubus or incubus. Other wise lilith has a dark sense of humor lol


Also do you have any previous experience working with lilith?

If they want to have sex with you yes. Some believe only humans are monogamists which is honestly bs. Some Gods are loyal to another. However, more than not some are pretty open to sexual acts with others.

Greeks Gods,for example hate when mortal men have relations with immortal woman.
And the Sun is more of a God than Jupiter in my opinion,facts.
I should follow my instincts when i feel the touches?.

Lilith introduced herself to me by coming onto me with sexual favors. I politely declined and explained that wasn’t my intent and now everything’s fine lol, but yes it’s possible.

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In the Century 21 dont exist problems like Zeus killing you in a Dream,what you think?.
Also,in my opinion all the universe is female,all is circular.
So in theory women are the spiritual leaders in theory…
There is not dangers,in the opinion of someone?.

Lol what even xD

I think it’s more like the Greek goddesses you don’t hear many taking on a lot of male suitors besides Aphrodite. Then you have the Virgin goddess who has no men.

This is a very interesting topic. I had some good laughs. :joy:

I suppose i’d have to look at each goddess mythos and see if they’ve ever had a mortal partner. Otherwise you could always try to good old "hey… whatchu doing? :smirk: "

@Jomy welcome! :slight_smile: