Is possible charge a crystal with sexual energy?

Hi guys. Good day for all. I need some help about how to charge crystals. I have actually an amethyst. I’ve read that is perfect for open the third eye and for work with Kundalini. But this time I want to clear some doubts about how to charge it with sexual energy. Is that possible using my sexual fluids? And how could I do it if its possible. All advices are welcomed. Thanks!

Try using red and orange crystals that symbolise the root and sacral chakras. Garnet & Carnelian should do nicely.


I think Quartz is the easiest to charge, but whatever you’re working with, first you must cleanse it, then charge it with intent. You can simply hold it first in your hands and focus the energy, or even hold the crystal in your left hand (if right handed) while you raise sexual energy to orgasm, imagining the energy moving into the crystal …it’s really that simple.


Hiya OP! You have a free amethyst, and you’re looking for Kundalini/3E facilitators to put in it? There’s loads of things you can try and play around with! :slight_smile:

Kundalini and the Third Eye are just the fire and water variants of each other; amethysts are particularly fine at sharpening fate patterns and balancing internal disparities. So, here are some concepts/energies that you can min-max and see what gets you the best result! :slight_smile:

  1. Knives
  2. Scales
  3. Lunar
  4. Chimeric
  5. Garlic
  6. Petunias
  7. Eyeballs
  8. Lemonade
  9. Crevice
  10. Clowns

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It doesn’t depend with what kind of energy you charge something. You can charge a physical object or an object which exists in the astral, an area which exists in the physical world or an area which exists in the astral, etc. with whatever you want. That’s the second part if there it will not be compatibilities. From what I remember, the natural properties which the amethyst crystals have, don’t correspond to sexual waves/open fluxes of energy.

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