Is our goal to get moksha?

Is that our goal? Whats the goal of the left hand path?

I hope not, since Idk what moksha is.

If use the search function we have discussed what it means to be on the Lhp versus the right many times :slight_smile:

Edit: I googled it and overall no. Some people sure, but not many that I consider worth the time to talk to.


MY goal is to satisfy all my carnal and material desires, whilst making sure that no one who tries to fuck with me or my loved ones gets away with it.

I also do it to get job success, lots of money, make wise financial investments, climb the corporate ladder, destroy my detractors.

I’ve also used it to bring me deep lasting love as well as one night stands.

Moksha doesn’t exist in my paradigm.


That is a hindu term that means the release of the cycle of rebirth impelled by the laws of karma.

Damn you edit fast lol


Thanks I googled it and was like uh yeah no lol, since most of don’t even subscribe to Karma.

It’s all good :laughing: I’m always editededededdedding. (my inebriated word while on the phone about stop asnwering I’m not done yet)


You literally edited as I was reading your reply! Damn!

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and to answer the question, it is not my goal personally. I would need to believe in such a system for it to be my goal.


I personally believe in moksha and karma, but you’ll find that many people here don’t, still doesn’t mean they’re not real, many people on here actually don’t know what most of the eastern teachings actually teach


I think that in this case everything is individual.

A similar goal is more typical for the followers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. But there are many other directions (religious, mystical, etc.) which have their own goals and objectives.


I find it weird when people choose a path before they know what their goal is

That seems more like religion to me…

But I think that’s why there’s countless debates on this forum over what things are and aren’t as I don’t really think you can fulfil yourself following anyone else’s

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My entire practice is centered around My life goals. Id be flailing Around trying every new thing under the Sun if it wasn’t!


Yeah, this. I mean, why allow someone else’s system to tell you whether you can or can’t reincarnate? Reincarnation traps exists, it up to you if want to you fall for that trick. Some people want to come back, some don’t.

If “enlightenment” means understanding everything, I’m on board with that.
If that’s not what it means I’ve been using it wrong, and I will have to stop using it I guess. When you fully understand everything, you know what to do to have mastery of yourself and your world, including whether or not you want to incarnate, how and when.

Think for yourself. What is YOUR goal for your personal journey?
The lhp doesn’t do the dictating and mind control the rhp does, that’s part of its attraction. Personally I’m not lhp either, that’s still too much dogma for me. You don’t have to be lhp to have your own mind.

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It’s some time I got one of various classic questions, in this case what would be the point of originating from pure Spirit in order to live “holy” on earth and return Spirit. Still, I don’t rule out Liberation, anyway it seems to be related with the priest and contemplation type of Adepthood, which may also be defined as the Right Hand Path.
Evola considered at least one more possible achievement, indeed, in opposition to uniting with Brahman viewed as static: a mage/warrior’s path, Shaktism, ruling over existence.