Is occult fiction usually purely for entertainment purposes?

Or is there usually information encoded that is best communicated with a story or stashed in the media for some other reason? I know they make a good envelope for distributing encrypted or steganographed data. I know some video games have Alternate reality games embedded in them like the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Master Boot Record has multiple alternate reality games where you can get another song in his albums.

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i mean…most creators of media who take inspiration from mythos and occult lore do so for inspiration primarily for their entertainment works, others also wish to educate while entertaining.

look at DC and Marvel

Alan moore

Grant morrisson


Basically what @StrengthenedWarrior said. It’s mostly for entertainment purposes.

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John Constantine Hellblazer is a very good Occult inspired comic, because John is an occultist himself, and the sigils and names and more are mostly derivative of actual mythos and esoteric occult lore

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