Is not having an inner voice evidence that NPCs exist?

I’m talking about the bootlickers of society. The ones who make it their job to police everyone. The individuals who follow trends, consume for the sake of consuming, the people who lack creativity, the people who are constantly outraged, the people with a victim mentality, etc. They are the product of what the tv and social media tells them to be. There are so many things that make them a herd of human swine but the main thing they all have in common is they’re all ready to fuck you up the moment they catch you stepping out of line. They are agents.

Perhaps the reason for this is because they’re empty vessels? No inner voice meaning empty vessel? Maybe they’re just programed to be this way? Which is why they don’t go against what they’re programmed to do. If that’s the case then who programmed them? What’s their goal?

They definitely get in the way of your magick. It’s like have you ever got a promotion with magick and since you went against the natural order of things to get your promotion everyone hated you for it? Instead of being able to enjoy your success you find yourself having to eliminate an endless horde of threats. And it’s not like these threats wanted the promotion you got. They just do it because it’s you. When one of them gets a promotion nobody bats an eye. Lol.

Inb4 life advice. That was just an example not what’s currently going on in my life. I’m a welder so I don’t have to deal with that shit anymore.

What do you think about the npc problem?


In npc theory, the npcs don’t have souls.
You would have to poll lots of people and see if they don’t have inner voice and scan to see if they have a soul or not.

I personally don’t believe in NPC theory though.

I know a few have talked about this before on here, but I am not sure about whether that is what defines one. Not having an inner voice could just be something with their brain


Qayos has talked about this here:


There’s an argument that people don’t have free will at all. It’s an interesting rabbit hole to go down

I think we have two modes of consciousness: Wave form, and Particle state. It’s quantum

In Wave Form we’re flowing and acting like we’re on autopilot in a sort of way. This is where spirits really thrive when acting through us. We channel “source” or whatever and we’re basically a conduit for all that is, or divinity, or the infernal, or whatever you prefer to call it. It’s the state where one might say things far funnier, cleaver, charming, or more intelligent than we actually are. It’s also where you go when you’re living weekend to weekend in a job you hate for months.

In Particle state things freeze up. We have perspective and it’s the place where we have a choice between stimulus and response. It’s also severely limited yet we can choose our vibes from here. Ritual gnosis. It’s the command line for the game of life. You can’t play Skyrim with the game paused though

An NPC either gets stuck in Particle state and doesn’t get out of it or they’re in a low frequency wave form where they’re on autopilot to mediocrity. Everyone has NPC tendencies, everyone wakes up tired and wastes time, everyone gets stuck in their head and can’t merge with the moment. We all go there sometimes. Pulling out is a habit

I’ve found myself parroting things almost verbatim I choose to ego identify with yet the principle is still a good one so it’s something I’m okay with. Most NPC’s would rationalize with “well I’m based in compassion and you’re blah blah blah buzzwords here

Everyone goes there and everyone looks asleep at the wheel in life depending on what your values are. I used to think magick was a giant lie and that occultists were stupid and being used from a religious paradigm. They think you are too for whatever you believe. It’s all just perspective and states of consciousness though

Everyone hates everyone. I go off of “are you getting the things you want?” and judge based on that


After reading that I think that’s more on the line of personality typing than anything else

I go between two modes, either thoughts are words or innate understanding in the moment.

Intuition vs thinking

I often times compute things so fast I can’t articulate them. I move through thoughts and constructs extremely quickly without words behind them and just “feel” it in my mind happening.

I have an engineer friend who is impossible to have a deep conversation with without getting frustrated because my visionary tendencies clash with his logician tendencies. Unless I have a spreadsheet of data to show him to stand on a premise he goes “hold up, I think that’s ridiculous…” and we spend 2 hours on groundwork that was just supporting the idea I was wanting to explore.

He’s mathematical and needs to verify each step in the moment or else it falls apart. I’ve already reconciled a lot of it in my own time and put it away where I can assume it’s valid until something really challenges it.

I find myself spending a crazy amount of energy just explaining why things are valid to plug into inductive reasoning and like clockwork he plays devils advocate just for the sake of doing it even if a real life experiment on the idea has amazing implications. It’s maddening but I’ve learned he’s not the type of friend to “dream” big with. He’s the type I can ask deep physics questions to and he’ll have a solid way to explain things with though

He needs it all in words laid out for him and at least 5 sources to show him something is true even if life experience screams it from every angle. We don’t talk politics for this reason but it’s cool

He has tons of mental ram to micromanage nitpicks while my system flows from premise to premise to create a much bigger arc than he likes to. He’d be the person to push the envelope on squeezing every drop of efficiency out of a working system while I’d be designing an entirely new one as he second guesses and retests a priori concepts I filed away years ago

Cognition is weird but damn cool. It would take months to get him on the same page about why I’m even excited about something. Guy is also someone I’d call extremely intelligent, he’s just all words and equations though. I’m constructs and interconnections and they rarely need more than a label if one at all


I think your Npc theory makes more sense than the normal one where Npcs have no soul and non npcs do have one.


Since you believe we are in a simulation, what do you think about the theory that NPCs are from this world and non NPCs are from outside it?
Because you believe that the spirits are part of the program of this simulation, what do you think about beings originating outside of it.


Very cool, I’m of the belief that the system allocates resources to higher consciousness as it’s needed

When somone shuts their brain off to deal with a shift delivering pizza they give up that consciousness to the rest of the system. How many days of 2020 do you remember thriving in?

If there are more than 15 you’re doing better than most. I think everyone has the potential to be both an NPC and a core character depending on what they’re doing. We get just enough system resources to handle what we’re doing. It would save an amazing amount of processing power

There’s the chance that some are just pure NPC’s though. Bots. Part of whatever questline you’re following. It auto renders depending on the path you pick

Everything is mind, just how much you have though is hard to say unless you know you’re in a higher state of mind and it feels worlds apart. I’ve been out with friends and said “I think we should go kick it at the house and have a crazy deep conversation.”

One of the girls almost looked offended at what seemed like a stupid statement to her and came back with “I don’t think you get that those sort of talks tend to just happen on their own.”

This girl also was the type that said “It just happened!” when she cheated on her boyfriend later… Interesting right? To me it was a matter of knowing cool converstaional threads to open up, questions to ask to spark that flame, and then let that wave take off. To her it was some rare mystical event that eludes us even though she’s the poster girl for yoga.

I’ve got a theory on yin consciousness and yang consciousness. Receiving reality vs dictating reality. Male and Female mindset. It ebbs and flows yet both can go into each other

I can’t say if non-NPC types are jacked into the matrix as it were or if we simply are the matrix though I’m leaning towards the latter. Hermetics ties in with it well


Thank you for replying

@Norski @anon84896414 thanks for the replies. You guys have given me a lot to think about.

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I actually don’t mind them. Really, as long as they stay out of the way.

I enjoy my urban camouflage and the last thing I want is for a bunch of people that I don’t want to notice me, notice me. Work, public, I don’t care. I want to get in, do what I need to, stand out when I want to, and fade away…so I can do the stuff that actually matters to me.

I typically don’t have to fight off the hordes at work, though, so that may color my lenses a bit. Instead of a promotion, I got to go to Hawaii. I will have to leave in < 8 months, though, so I’ll be snagging that promotion next year. Then I may have to start mass actions, which I’ve started dabbling with.


NPCs are AI created for video games. So no.

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Playability is relative.


How can you know for certain that our world isn’t populated with NPCs? Life is your story not theirs. It’s like completing the final quest in a game for an npc. When you return to them in the game they say the same one liners over and over. Sooooo many people do this. They laugh at the same jokes every day and say the same one liners over and over again. You can barely consider these individuals conscious. They live life on repeat and never change anything about themselves.

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I have never encountered people like this.

I have. Intp problems. Lol

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I’ve never had a problem reading people. It makes things pretty boring when most people do and want the same things. Although I’m speaking about most of the people I’ve encountered over the last 34 years some of them do surprise me.

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The view I have seen most on NPcs is that they are conscious beings. They are conscious beings without souls. They are conscious to a degree where they can learn and understand, but are not really able to think very deep thoughts or gain a higher level of understanding and consciousness.
So conscious beings without souls.

I don’t personally believe in NPC theory, but I am also not able to scan so I am not able to discern the truth right now.


Lol. At first, I thought that it was a post-self-isolation rant upon meeting the first human being for a long time.

I didn’t know, however, that some people didn’t have an inner voice, it’s kind of creepy. But now that I think about it, I agree that the majority of people operate on some ‘auto’ mode. Like, it’s not just their daily behavior but how they treat life in general – they themselves don’t really understand why they breathe.

I don’t think that they are not conscious too though. They can be quite helpful sometimes and they are perfectly able to understand emotions, feelings, and even some concepts.

I’m not acquainted with the NPC theory. What does it make someone’s parents, partners, relatives? NPCs too? Party members? Bosses, lol?


Offtopic in relation to lacking an inner/mental voice:

I’ve lost mine because three Angels sealed me.
Seconds before the Sealing began I had heart my Higher Self, which offered then a memory from my sleep: “ThenI may not think anymore”. (Original: Dann darf ich ab sofort aber nicht mehr denken.)

I had Elementals in Bardon’s kind of definition within my inner bodies, all named by me, which helped me because the seals which were sent into my head hindered me to think in words and abolished my imagination. Heavy losses because I’m Sun Sign Cancer and dream a lot consciously and Thoughts give me security because it is better to think at Will instead of trying to understand what you are analyzing without thoughts.

The Damage lasted from the End of 2017, maybe the very early beginning of '18, to the beginning of 2019.

My Imagination Ability was given back and I think and to this I hope no “Elemental” does my mental job. My thoughts were imitated by these friendly servants, Elementals, but went astray often. I’m now again able since the beginning of 2019 to think in my own words without interference but my Thoughts got nearly unhearable compared to time before.

Magical Abilities are reached with Introspection.
Recognizing your feelings and intentions without lying to yourself. The harder you work the deeper you get, the more you feel, the more the surrounding reality appears “on a terminal within you”. Hard to explain but try. Uti-Seta!


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