Is Nitika more powerful then Mammon and Clauneck?

Is he-she? because all 3 demons can help you get wealth Or they are equally powerful

Thx for answer

I found this video about that Spirit:

Personally, no idea.

If you need quickly but small amount or you are in need, I recommend Salas’ash from The Book of Azazel.
This chant helped me:

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One of them is more attuned and so the workings are more successful. It depends on the witch and his/her ground vibration


They are just different.

I want you to add to Belphegor

It’s not about one being more powerful than the other. Why can some Magicians call upon Bune and recieve extreme wealth coming at then left and right, while others who also call on him may only recieve a minor boost?

Work with you wish to work with, and develop a good relationship with said spirit.

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Personally got no results with Nikita. I’ve worked with Clauneck once and am working with him again this month.

Can you PM about Belphegor working in wealth/money related things?

Bune does small jobs fast, big jobs take some time. But while working with him I realized that if you have a resource or an investment, he can get you the amount you want, otherwise he will find the right way for you to get that money. I called him mostly for small jobs. I’m going to do a meeting ritual this week. One person works with me because he is old and slow, we do not get along with each other. I can’t stand that damn old man, I’m going to call him, so I want that old man to resign. Hail bune🤘

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The search function and Google can give you the result you want in this regard.