Is Naamah suitable for beginners?

I’m thinking of evoking her today, but is she suitable for beginners? I don’t have almost any experience in evocation, can’t feel anything, hear, or something like that, yet. I would like to work with her for beauty, confidence and physical fitness. In case she’s not for beginners, any similar spirits to work with, suitable for beginners?



There are not such a spirit who will mess with you at the beginning of your magical path.Namaag is very friendly and protective spirit ,you can try to evoke her and see what will happen if her energy will suitable you will know. Do some research about her what she likes etc. give some simbolic offering and try to introduce yourself to her,be respectful that’s pretty much it.


Yes she is, not matter wat way u call her,she’s cool.sometimes we read or we feel afraid of big names but once I call her all be better .


have you evoked her ?

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I wouldn’t consider her as a beginner friendly being. Just be careful, she is vampiric with a big love for life force, like blood. She is friendly and protective, but I’ve heard she’ll drain you if you let her. If you give her blood, be sure to only give her a drop, no more.

Why not look at Lilith, Astarte, or any of the other gods/goddesses?

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I’m a beginner and I was working with her a few minutes ago. I like to do it on Mondays, but it won’t be possible this week.

Her energy is very pleasant and sexual (many unexpected erections during meditation).

Naamah is just lovely. As stated above, She is very loving and protective. She loves red wine, sweets, blood, flowers and red wine. Did I mention red wine? :rofl:

Naamah is GOAT, anything she takes ime has been given back and then some.

Please what this mean?

Greatest of all time

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She is in a way wife of Azazel and mother to Asmodeus, as long as you’re respectable you shouldn’t worry, though I would atleast have some kind of foundation prior but that’s with any entity.

Yes I did. It not mater wat people say,Lilith is more darker, namah is more seduction, I have inviqe rashoon.taroon. but Lilith is fast,Hecate a little slow.namah Lilith de o all for people not mater sex,about the blood thing,you dnt have to give blood,no at all.its a option,candles, incense and chant her name is enough,maybe in the future you can update upgrade,but it’s personal.