Is my third eye opening?

I tried EA Koetting’s meditation excersize to help open the third eye and while focusing on my forehead in between my eyebrows it feels really tight. The back of my head and eyes feel weird too. Like some sort of headache. Also, a few days back while thanking King Paimon for His help I told Him my next goal I was working towards was to open my third eye. Maybe this is Him helping me. Mainly what I want to know is if what I’m feeling has to do with my third eye


Though my third eye isn’t fully opened or my astral senses aren’t fully developed yet, I would say that this is something I’ve read that most people have experienced what you described in the process of opening their third eye. I’ve also experienced my forehead feeling tight or a slight pressure on it that increases gradually until I lose my focus during my third eye meditation exercises. I don’t have enough experience with King Paimon or just evoking spirits in general to say whether or not it is him helping you.


Yeah the same thing has been happening to me too. Experiencing Some sort of strain in between my eyes… you have to be careful with how you open it though, if you open it too fast. It can make you insane…


What’s the fun in life without a little bit of Insanity! :slight_smile:


You will feel pressure. Its opening as far as your description of it. Eventually the pressure will be replaced with a light feeling where your third eye is


would you please send me the meditation?