Is my sexy landlady putting spells on me?

Hi All,
Your thoughts on this and how to test for these things.
How do you find out if a woman has a lust spell on you? and if so is it possible to turn the spell back on to her? Why you ask?

When we [My housemate and I] had the meeting to rent this place [It is attached to their main house] she was like very friendly and chatty with her husband, she was says stuff like “Oh on the odd occasion I used to drop off a bit of cake or cookies to the last tenants and have a coffee” in a sweet tone of voice. Although she hasn’t with us/me and when I talk to her she is distracted and the conversation does not flow. It is strange. After the first meeting it was when I first started having thoughts about her, but at the start, it was like “We need to move in straight away” and “Oh I am going to love living next to her” that sort of thing.

I don’t normally fixate on women over things like this, especially if they are married, but she plays in the garden out the front of my window in a shower robe a few times it just feels like I am being sexually drawn towards her. I seem to think about her a lot more than I should and in a very raw and sexual way, not like oh wow I would love to be with you, I want to know more about you, oh I just want to spend time with you or any of the other I want to share my life with you type of thing… but it is more like [sorry] oh fuck just get on the end on my… probe now! I am finding that she is starting to spend a lot of time in my mind and as I am starting with the basics Sigils and using sex magic/energy to charge them. She is invading my sexually thoughts during this process again I don’t really mind, I mean if she really wants to be on the end of it yeah bring in on.

THAT’s the part that has me thinking about a lust spell of some kind as that is not how I think about women in general even those that I REALLY would just love to do that with. So if she has used a spell I don’t mind at all she fairly sexy and a tad hot, also if she is its kinda like a compliment. But I would like her to be the one that jumps on my you know what :slight_smile: I believe she should finish what she start’s lmao

Other of the main reasons I really need to know is to find out if I am just super horny lately and have a really active mind that is now working in a strange new way. As I have been so tempted to use a lust spell on her [I have just started to look in magic this would have been my first spell] due to these feelings but I don’t want to impose my cock on an innocent woman married or not. I would 100% use magic on an innocent woman to get her to want to spend the time to meet me for a coffee, drink whatever so things can grow from there.





You’re probably overthinking it. It’s in your head man whatever you focus on grows


Yes. But I wouldn’t call that “active” mind… that’s fucked up mind. Much more superior. Perfect for magick :wink:


Yeah that what I what first thought, but I keep getting pulled back to thoughts of her all the time. Its not like she is what I want for lack of better words. I also stay away from married women there is some kind of cut off switch in my head for that lol

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Ohh don’t send me down that kind of rabbit hole :slight_smile:
Maybe it is, I guess only the bullshit part of our minds cares about the beliefs that we have on what’s right and what’s wrong. I do know I am sick of fighting for scraps in life that is why I am here to learn a better way.

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You’re absolutely right. You got the best starting point possible, wish you all success in your journey :slight_smile:

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Dude, just rail her already and get it out of your system. You might even score in a way where you can bang her whenever you want.


Step 1: Call on Gremori
Step 2: Slap ham
Step 3: Tell us about how great it is getting discounted rent for being on the reverse of that section of PornHub


I have a feeling that unless she is an amateur and/or you are greatly skilled in magic yourself with great intuition, that if she actually did try to bewitch you in such a way, you probably wouldn’t of guessed it.

Or it could be a rouge Succubi or the like just using her image and your underpinning lust for that woman to try and get some energy.

Or posing a male body myself, could just be your biological impairitive that you have suppressed. It plays tricks on your mind.

Why not just ask her? Disarm them with honesty as they say. Worst case scenario you just come off as a creeper and she wants nothing to do with you and leaves you alone. Win-win, right?

Or you could just be a horny guy that has the hots for his landlady.


My Magic skill level is at the current level where I can spell the word correctly :slight_smile:
I am not sure of the greatness of my intuition as such as a skill but I am aware of a lot of things that I should not be, riddles nope awareness of and understanding that which you are aware of is TWO VERY different things.

Rouge Succubi, interesting but with my sex life they would die of malutrition and boredom, it is much harder for me to put the thoughts of a nice big fat juicy pizza out of my mind that it is to push aside thoughts of a hot juicy pussy. But this is a concern that I have been working on, I tried to hard for to long to try and become something that I was not meant to be now I am lost, in many ways.

Biological impairitive… to be honest I had to look that one up :slight_smile: but it led me to a great artical

I have put it on the back burner for now and I have decide just to enjoy the sensation that comes with the thoughts as they are very enjoyable. I thought that I would involve her in some magic learning later on, as I will need someone close to observe the results.
For a spell to understand of peoples intentions and to help me master spells to find a way to reviel someone sexual desires. Even if it is not with me I would find the experence and know of how and why more enjoyable that a empty fuck. But that’s just me mister wanking with the wrong organ lmao :wink:

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Yup it could be, that in it’s wouldn’t be a bad thing it is our most basic primal desire along with eating.


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