Is modern technology from higher entities?

Here’s the rub that religionists don’t want to hear: We don’t need spirits. At all. Most people will survive, live their lives, and create and invent, not once having to reach out beyond the veil to some nameless, shapeless phantom for inspiration or help. They don’t have to. Humans are a cooperative species and can perform miracles simply by working together.

We are also a strange mixture of egocentric and self-sacrificing, handing credit for our accomplishments to outside forces while simultaneously believing that we are special and the universe revolves around us (the Church literally burned Giordano Bruno alive because he dared to go against their geocentric doctrine).


From my own observation, your line of thinking resonates still with current Western thought about life. That is “we don’t need a higher power to survive and humans are fundamentally good.”

However this philosophical thought has only transpired because of beating the struggle to survive in Western countries.

In the rest of the world, people are more spiritual and the reason for this is survival. They need hope in order to get through problematic times and spirituality usually fills that void.

I’ve never met a suffering, poor atheist for example.

I of course do not think your line of thought is necessarily wrong per say. Just that it is very much seen through Western eyes and not that of the East or elsewhere.

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We weren’t ever alone on this planet. It’s a working scientific theory that an earlier humanoid species taught us about certain spiritual principles or concepts.

To discount other much older cultures and/or the very scientific approach is extremely problematic history and that some so called conspiracy theories proven to later true.

I was heavily into some conspiracy theories, but later came out studying real history which is far worse.

I just see the bullshit for what is now.

Reading the article now, and it doesn’t actually talk about nonhuman species as in “aliens” or “spirits”. It talks about a type of humanoid species called homo naledi that used to exist before modern humans. For the record, there used to be nine different species of humans, but all but one died off, which is homo heidelbergensis, which later became homo sapiens.

This article doesn’t really prove anything.


I personally find it odd that lfp on here are a bit closed minded and quick to dismissed a lot of things that fit don’t fit nicely into the mainstream point view that was/is based on colonialism, sexist and racism. I have name, dates and facts to prove it, but can’t share anything of it without breaking the rules.

Make it make sense for me how you all be like, ‘my personal magical bullshit is fine, but anything outside of that is completely false and stupid.’

I literally don’t understand the dynamics or the lack of seeing ingrained prejudices. There is zero points in having this discussion go further because I’m not allowed bring the information i need to. That’s all i have to say on this.

How the flying fuck do you not read an article, have someone point out that the subject of the article isn’t what you think it is, and conclude that they’re supporting bigotry? What does colonialism even have to do with any of this? What are these mental gymnastics? “Oh, someone isn’t supporting my echo chamber, THEY MUST BE RACIST/SEXIST/ETC.”

How is it breaking the rules?

Broseph, I hate to break it to you, but sometimes, what happens in the real world is caused by the mundane. Your car didn’t break down because of spirits, it broke down because you didn’t give it an oil change. Spirits didn’t cause your relationship to fall apart, it was falling apart because you and your partner fell out of love.

Yes, the metaphysical influences SOME things, but the emphasis is on “some”. It’s extremely important to ground yourself and make sure a mysterious occurrence isn’t caused by the mundane before concluding anything supernatural going on. Failure to do so can lead to psychosis which parasites can and will take advantage of. There is a reason that spirits want you to put in the effort in manifesting results in the physical world without magic as well. (ex. Petitioning a spirit to find you a job and showing up to the interview)

Don’t get me wrong, I would love it if the metaphysical influenced literally every aspect of my life… but it doesn’t. It only impacts a portion of it. It’s boring, yes, but that’s just how it is.

Sometimes, it really ain’t that deep.


Here listen to this fucker i guess:

Modern astrology (more like Western astrology) is also most of the time completely bullshit.

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This is your own prejudice being projected on to others. It’s a vague hand waving argument with nothing to back it up. WHAT prejudice? “Ih spirits are dumb?” nobody said that so what are you talking about? If you read what we said, all we are giving is common sense instead of climbing on the fantasy bandwagon.

It’s fine to give theories, but they have to bear up to scruitiny, and the hypothesis “humans could not have invented modern tech on their own” Is clearly and very broadly, false. Obviously and completely false on many levels.

Again that’s not ”prejudice”, it’s because we can trace developments back and we know exactly how the innovations happened.

Now, did SOME modern tech get help from “spirits”? - not aliens, in the OP that is not the proposed hypothesis - it’s “spirits” - then maybe there’s a case to be made for specific inventions, but I can’t think of any offhand.


Also astrology has nothing to do with the premise under discussion. Spirits didn’t make jp morgan invent banking and get no credit for it, we did that to ourselves.


Actually it’s not. I have been trying to deconstruction my own culturally ingrained biases. Just for an example how they call us consumers instead of people in business or for advertising.

I can’t speak on other cultures, but when you learn how my own country’s lawns is a form of energetically enslavement and to turn a profit.

How far it goes. It’s literally in everything we do on this planet. Energetically tied down we are. We suppose to be the outliners broking these chains.

Everything we do fucking matters.

I’m just the person on the street pointing to the Emperor that’s he is naked in this reality.

But my only real point is. How can you sit there and say your own magical stuff is fine. But then turn right around on other people telling them their own spiritual things aren’t real, aren’t validated, or whatnot? I don’t get that. It’s not my place to tell anyone what’s validated for their own spiritual path or whatever. But thats just me.

None of us is better then next person. None of us knows the truth. Humanity has whole species is stupid for destroying own planet.

So you think you are the only awakened that needs to “point at the naked king”? Let me tell you… Everybody knows that there’s corruption, this is not something secret. We also know the government do have some kind of ocultism department. You’re not the choosen one in the reality, that will save everyone for pointing the obvious. Reflect a little on your biases.

To me its 50/50 effort of both humans and divine contributed to what we have and its that simple.


This statement I agree with absolutely.

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That’s literally not how that works.

“Consumers” is not some dehumanizing label, it’s literally a role people play. A consumer is a potential buyer of a product people are selling. It ain’t that deep.

There’s a difference between denying that someone’s experience is real vs. someone inserting an explanation on what’s most likely happening.

When I was younger, there was a period of time where I was so sleep deprived, I thought I heard rattle-snakes in my closest at odd hours in the morning. When my dad and I investigated, we realized that it was just the sprinkler making that noise. It didn’t invalidate that I heard something off and was concerned about it, but it explains why I thought that way.

What you’re clearly describing is an echo chamber; that everyone has to agree with you no matter what. In occultism, this is an extremely dangerous mentality that can lead to parasites destroying you.

And even if it didn’t, why should everyone have to agree with each other? That goes against the principle of LHP where one is independent and self-sufficient. Why be a sheep?

And yet, here you are, claiming that you’re “the person on the street pointing at the naked Emperor” and looking down on people who disagree with you even slightly.

Maybe we don’t know the truth about everything, but we know the truth about some things.

I think it’s absolute stupidity to ignore concrete evidence that’s sitting in front of you in favor of living in your fantasy.

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The knowledge taught by the watchers was dispersed all over the earth after the flood but now kept by secret societies & mystery schools. They want to use it to build advanced weapons in the military ( which they’ve done). Etc…& the Germans have been using this technology since the 40’s to build different flying crafts, which were mistaken for “ u.f.o’s. & I believe is being used in things like Transhumanism & creating “ super soldiers “ of the future. And Nanotechnology will be used for more sinister purposes in the future for humans

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Let me make this simple and very, very clear none of us knows the truth about spiritual shit.

One of the things i have observed by doing panels on different people’s lives streams on a certain app and talking to of 100s of different people over the past year. That no one is actually or actively listening to each other.

When people asked me asking me questions it was only to dig for information for an insult or to trying to prove my viewpoints wrong.

Most of the time I was just repeating important facts i felt belong in the conversation. I might give a quick opinion on it, but that made people enraged giving plain facts.

I don’t feel like most people are wanting or even willing to have deep adult conversations about things.

I don’t feel my personal perspective take or opinions are warranted on that app most of the time.

Everyone has a unique experience and take on reality. Everyone has a story to tell. But who is taking the time time fully listen to it? Asking respectively questions?

I learned a lot from people that hated me. We don’t always learn from our supporters.


Civilizations like that of the iceman & others ( mummy found, dating to 3300-4000 BC) remained stalled at little to no technology… but as mainly nomadic hunters. Then later around circa 3500 to 4500 B.c.e civilizations like Sumeria,( the cradle of civilization), Egypt & “ Atlantis” suddenly seemed to appear out of nowhere with high tech cities, writing, language, etc… these civilizations are also supposedly thought to be ruled by Annunaki kings

There’s also interesting information in the work of Joseph Farrell (in his book The Cosmic War and related) about how Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and even Aztecans called themselves “legacy” civilizations. He makes the case that the situational evidence points to great technology that was stripped and removed after these “kings/gods” left.

He further postulates this is related to the “war in heaven”, and basically, the local kings lost, and all their tech was looted the same way the allies recovered or destroyed all the WWI tech they could find after they won WWII. But he tries to stay away from “proof” in favour of examining if these theories are even plausible based on what we know, so there’s a lot of interesting data but he doesn’t try to sell you on a given viewpoint, which I like. He’s not strong on connecting Earths natural disaster cycle into the observations but I think he’s mostly just trying to stay neutral and not lump in with the “catastrophists”.

There’s even more about theories that this war is why we have an asteroid belt in place of a planet, what happened to mars, it’s a fun and different topic for sure.

I was trying to stay away from ETs for this topic as the OP asks about “higher entities” and whether ETs count as higher entities is a whole other question. But if they did, the idea of this “stripping” of tech implies the opposite, that we had better tech and it was taken away. We had to rebuild everything we have now from scratch.

After that, there’s a known phenomenon that species learn something faster after one animal from the species(including humans) figures it out, even across the globe for animals that could never have met. My own theory on how this works is the collective consciousness concept, which I see as the same thing as the “Deva” or "nature intelligence idea from Machale Small-Wright’s writings. You can work with these “overlighting” entities that represent all animals in a species for mutual benefit. Though I didn’t have much success asking the king of mice to keep them out of my kitchen :joy: They’re good for getting into for gardening though. So I attribute the finding of a breakthrough happening for multiple people at once to this rather than higher beings giving the info to lots of people at a time.


I was going to say that the idea that modern tech came from something non-human is ridiculous, but there are ways. As a computer programmer, here is my two cents. Modern tech is built on a few foundations. One is the military. People have been looking for ways to kill animals and each other for a really long time. Was some dictator inspired by the supernatural? I’m sure some of them were. In that case, one could attribute modern tech to other powers. Another foundation of modern tech is fiction. Lots of people have said that they were inspired by science fiction, like Star Trek. Could a science fiction writer, even unknowingly, have been inspired by some otherworldly being? Since it is possible, that is another way tech could have been influenced by other powers. Lastly, we have the foundation of smart people working hard based on the work that others did before them. While many if not most of the people I know who work in tech, including some people who are responsible for some of the most amazing tech that we use today, are the least spiritual people you could ever meet and would be really pissed if you suggested that their work was the result of something other than their hard work, it is still possible that some of their ideas or their intelligence or the ideas or intelligence of their predecessors is due to something other than just hard work, upbringing, and genes. The thing is, we could just as easily attribute this to spirits or to God or Jesus. There is no way to prove that some mysterious force that no one can detect in any way is not responsible for all kinds of factors that aren’t easily explainable, like inspiration. If you want to say that, go for it. However, you should also consider reading about the history of technology, which actually makes a lot of sense and is not magical seeming at all.

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