Is Mind compulsion possible?

People here are really using somewhat different semantics to describe the same thing.

Indeed within time and with brainwashing (with so many repetitions) compelling would be possible - as He says too. I explained with his words as far as I can on my previous entry. That was what I have understood, basically

But if I go further; at that point of time, the person in question -the one that you’ve succesfully compelled to kill himself - is no more himself but a living zombie to my understanding, Why ? simply he may not think and he is somehow in a different state of mind “a very very altered mind” ( sorry for my terms) , basically he is no more himself. You somehow kill their brain/instinct with repetitions and if you accept it -this is also a kind of a brute force- and you use that force fully to get the compelling state of mind, and then they may kill themselves.

So in a way, even you do compel them to kill themselves and they are no more themselves and yet even for doing so; you need a good period of time - a lot of repetitions -not like the way that Proffessor X does something implied at the very beginning- That is my understanding from those entries.

What he says make sense. At least it really did to me.:slight_smile:

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Or prolonged programming to which one must be made susceptible. To implant a command so deep into someone’s mind as to make it a compulsion (which is defined as an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one’s conscious wishes.) requires overcoming the natural barriers built into the mind that prevent such a thing from happening. The mind will protect itself, which is why I say learning to use manipulation and coercion is easier, because it takes less time and power and circumvents the defenses instead of trying to overcome them.

You can get someone to walk off of a roof if you can convince them to believe that that is not what they are actually doing. In such a case you are not compelling them to kill themselves so much as manipulating their perceptions and coercing them into believing what you want them to. They will step off the roof to their death with a smile on their face if you can tell them they are diving into a nice, cool lake, convincingly enough (as Jim Jones did with most of his followers. Some were forced to drink the Kool-Aid at gunpoint though according to survivors).

However, it is NOT a compulsion by definition, which, as I’ve already said, is internally driven.


Brute force as in physical force, not mental force

If a Demonic King can instill a mental command so powerful that it can result in the immediate suicide of a person be it through injuring themselves with their immediate environment then that makes it evident that the mind has a weakness that can be exploited regardless.
I say this because I’m sure a Demonic King can essentially force death on someone through mental command, going beyond their will and primitive instinct.
It is possible to break the psyche through unadulterated power, I’m sure of it and you are quite aware of the possibility as well am I right or wrong…?
I bring up a Demonic King, for example, Paimon, because it then can be learned as a Skill as Paimon did himself at one point.

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Sure as for Demonic Kings.

As for the brainwashing techniques, they are generally brute in their nature, at least they are not kind. What I mean is the real brain washing techniques not the daily term that media uses for almost anything any marketing activity so on.

And they are completely different from techinques used by Pavlov, Watson, Skinner or Erikson, basically they are really harsh, and if you have read their books You will see what I mean.

For example you are forced to stay awake for a very long periods and this is not done just by the use chemicals and also by brute force for sure toa certain degree.

But as long you bring Demonic Kings on the table, you do not even need to compel people to kill themselves. What we were discussing and try to explain here was mainly for humans, and as for Demonic Kings there are probably thousands more interesting ways to kill and yes I agree with you that they may compel people.

Anyway thank you for your comments, what you understand should not be the same as with my understanding in every points. I just wanted to explain what I have understood. Different opinions is like different colors and we all may learn something from each other; always.

Good luck

Actually, I don’t believe a demonic king can do this. King Paimon is a master of manipulating the mind and the will, but I doubt he can cause an immediate suicide, as there are plenty of stories of targets shrugging off or overcoming such an influence. Contrary to popular opinion, demonic kings are far from all powerful. If they were, then magicians could never command them, and experience shows that just isn’t the case. Even demons who specialize in killing tend to work best through manipulation and coercion rather than compulsion.

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My understanding on Demonic King and hence their capabilities is somewhat different indeed.

But thank you, I’ have learned a lot of new things today :slight_smile:

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Why the hell would you do that. I think he meant just to research them to understand how that sort of think could work. Don’t ever contact Dantalion. He’s the most likely to fuck you over so that he can compel you himself. Demons can compel you against your will if you get too close. They’ll beat down on your free will day and night until you give in to them due to exhaustion and then they take the controls for themselves. If there are more than one spirits taking residence they’ll fight over dominion like rabid dogs. That kind of chaos can damage a persons mental state beyond repair. But seriously, fuck Lucifer! The guy’s a damn cunt.

Ok but you need to introduce yourself my friend.

As for the question,maybe if you convince their higher self,that maybe works,I am not sure.
Possession on mental plane would be much easier I think.

RESPECT is something you need my dear…

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I dont even understand how he find here because its his first post :grin:

Yup i sense troll here :joy:

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Welcome @Damon_Vespertine. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum and required.

Bindings coupled with obsession work seem to do the trick.

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Yes, it can be done. Nobody on here can do it, but it can be done.

In Mesmerism (the precursor to hypnosis) this is called Fascination or the Evil Eye.

Fascination properly done looks like this, and it works even when the subject refuses to cooperate.

I keep telling you guys Hypnosis and Mesmerism has proper magickal skill training. When you observe the examples, it becomes plain to see the connection between esoteric psychology and magick.

The people who learned to do this generally don’t teach it to newcomers. The ones who are too eager to learn how to do this without learning other more fundamental psychological skills are usually out to misuse the ability, and that has caused Mesmerism to have a bad name in the past. So this ability is not taught widely today.

Also, the people who really know fascination and personal magnetism keep that info to themselves, for the sake of social advantages. Pretty much all powerful people in society know this stuff. The lower classes do not.

Study personal magnetism, you’ll find instructions on how to breathe evenly and develop a steely gaze.

From there you will learn how to send thoughts telepathically, which is basically what fascination is.


Yes Emperor I agree, it can be done and I have used it to some advantage myself at times. It’s quite an enjoyable feat.

I remember reading old books on Psychic Command, where it was explained as a psychic push.

You gather up the energy while concentrating on the subject/target and literally push that thought telepathically into the mind of the target. They are then consumed by your thought and feel compelled to act out what you wish to happen. It’s mind power.

Mesmerism or telepathic abilities were ‘all’ that were needed… ‘all that’s needed’ … lol.
Yes it takes training but in some cases it’s easy to do and yes, you can change other peoples perception of you.

Mesmerism, Telepathy, Law of Attraction, Reality Transurfing, all these are in the same corner of the vast library of stuff. Right next to the Occult section, sir/madam.

I had a boss once who was giving me an unreasonably difficult time, nit picking my work whilst praising others. I almost walked out. So, when I got the chance throughout the coming days and nights I quietly projected my thoughts into him that he would start making mistakes himself.

Three days later everything he tried to do at work was followed by shouting and swearing and him calling himself names lol. This continued for him for a number of days to my delight.
His demeanor towards me then changed as he realised I was a valuable worker. Result? All things got back to normal.

Glad you said this :slightly_smiling_face:

Damn. I should have quiet :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Emperor, I think you are a living library of quality choice!!


Lol I made this post a while back…I know how its done :heart: however, thanks for all the knowledge yall provided me with via this thread


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