Is Magik real or fake? Are rituals/petitions real or fake?


I hope whoever is reading this post is having a great time and is in great health.

““Before anything, I have been a member of BALG since late 2019. I already introduced myself. Just using a different email””

As the title reads, lately I have been wondering this in my head… “IS MAGIK REAL?”

Before thinking I am crazy or arrogant, allow me to provide some context. I got involved with the world of magick way back in 2014. Like most people, I was in a pretty bad place economically and wanted some financial turnaround in my situation.

At the time, I did what was easiest for me order some “MONEY SPELL”. At the time, my expectations were things would work out fine, meaning the financial difficulties I was facing would start to go away. I did not have any time frame in mind, I just expected the “SPELL” to work.

As fate would have it, to say that was a disappointment would be a great understatement. The following course of events within my finances would take following the “SPELL” was no different to some regular person.

Totally outside my expectations and not for the better. Opportunities I had presented to me, I am confident that I did not need magick for them; the reason being people who were at those “JOBS/ORGANIZATIONS” were not practitioners of any magick as far as I could see (I was not a practitioner of any sort GRANTED) meaning to have had those “OPPORTUNITIES” no magick spells or rituals were needed. They could have been obtained through normal means. During those harsh moments, I had totally forgotten about the spells and was living day by day trying to make ends meet.

A few years would go by, then 2020 would arrive. In 2020, from BALG, I ordered a ritual for the same purpose. I thought this time things would be different and was very excited to move forward.

Note: From 2014 til 2020, I was searching for solutions by purchasing various "MONEY SPELLS’ and hiring various “MAGICIANS” to help me. As well as doing things on my own like learning new skills and launching my company.

After ordering the ritual from BALG, I would yet be met with another disappointment. I have proof the ritual was done (VIDEO) and the magician sent me some stuff to the mail with instructions. So, there is no doubt wheater the ritual was done or not; as the evidence available suggests otherwise.

What is evident, however, is the lack of results if any from those works.

After much confusion which caused nothing but frustration, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Around the fall of last year (2022), I wrote a petition to Lucifer I found the instruction on this forum. In this petition, I did not ask for a large sum of money. I asked only for $100 and within a timeframe of 2 weeks. I request assistance to manifest $100 within 14 days from Lucifer and do it as per the instruction stated on the post. I have yet to see any result from this petition. This has not been the only one I have done myself either.

After many rituals, the ones I have conducted myself and the many I have ordered and the magicians I have hired to help me with this matter, my finances have actually regressed. I have not seen any improvement after almost a decade since my first ritual. It’s been dead-end jobs to low-paying Jobs to struggling business enterprises to shitty partnerships. I greatly doubt I needed to call assistance from any spirits to create these circumstances for me. I don’t think these turn of events were what I had in mind.

I have experienced all types of emotional roller-coasters in the midst of this unfolding. From happy and excited at the beginning to confused and frustrated when things are not working out and not knowing why to extremely angry as there are even times I think the issue is with me to feeling completely ignored by those spirits whom I am seeking help from.

This brings me to the question above: IS MAGICK REAL? If so, can someone help me understand why things have not yet worked out or what could potentially cause those blockages?

It wasn’t always like that though. Otherwise, I would not have even started on this path if at first, I did not believe it was possible.

I have only been developing those feelings recently after realizing how long it has been since I first started with this.

I have reached out to powerful spirits and energies ranging from Lucifer to Dantalion to Jupiter/Elemental even Voodoo Spirits. Most of them have been directly from me- they’re from paid Magicians. Lucifer and Dantalion have been directly from me.

Do people actually (NO BULLSHIT) manifest and create things using magick? If so, how? I have done all that I can think of doing and at the moment hiring more “MAGICIANS/SPELLCASTERS” is not an option since I have absolutely no money in my name which I find quite ironic given the whole purpose I have started this journey in the first place is so I never find myself in this position but after almost a decade later, HERE I AM!

Though later I found more meaningful reasons to keep walking on this path still, it’s quite a bummer that I have been neglected for so long, is that something NORMAL?

If somebody can help, either by putting things into perspective or by sharing ways to manifest what I have been trying to manifest; THAT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Thank you all for reading :pray:

May Lucifer’s light guide your path :candle:

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The above link is my thoughts roughly on the subject. :grinning:

As a long time member do you have any thoughts on the 50 plus other times we’ve discussed this? Is there a point of view we have not considered or should revisit for clarification purposes that would help?

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Is this you?


Now magick is a very real thing, it has a life of its own. But like anything else in life you have to know how to operate within it’s parameter’s for it to work for you. Nothing in life works for everyone and not everything in life is meant to be for the masses. The way I see it there are those that are born to magick and others that are learned or schooled in the ways of magick…
For those that are born to magick they are identified at a very young age and are nurtured and taught the ways of magick that has been passed down by word of mouth from grandfather to son and or grandmother to daughter and so on and so on. This is the old ways and a purer form of magick in my own opinion. Because it has been around and taught for generations and generations. It’s whole bases is in the fiber of the said magician and the fabric of their very lives. Their lives revolve around magick it’s interwoven with who the are and it comes easier to them because they are born to this and it is born to them.
Now you have the schooled magician that has learned through years and years of studying either with a mentor or by themselves through reading of grimories or tablets or other means of obtaining the information needed to progress within the parameters of magick are just as good as the one born to it but it might not come to them as easily as the first one I’ve spoken about. But they still find a way to achieve the desired affect that is needed in what we call magick.
Yes magick is very real and the rituals that we perform are as real as you and I are at this very moment talking about this subject. There are many reasons why it may not work for you and without more details I really can’t give you an answer why magick isn’t working for you. Now let me ask you a question are you expecting Hollywood magick to work for you and fix your situation in life or have you used real magick that has its own limits just like anything else in life has. There are limits and boundaries to what can be done and not done; I just don’t know which one you have been putting your trust and faith in.
Take a step back and really look at what you’ve been doing and see if your goals may have been unattainable even by the greatest magician’s standards. When you do that you’ll be able to see that flaws in your own system of magick and might be able to identify a better way of going about reaching your end goal. Magick isn’t for everyone just like pro sports isn’t for everyone either. So with that being said just look at the whole picture as a large and see if this thing called magick is truly for you and not something else that might help you achieve your goals in a different path. I hope I was helpful if I wasn’t I’m sorry. May you be blessed in all that you do and whatever path you may choose.

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