Is Lucifer upset at me?

Alright, I’ll make it simple basically I had been researching on the LHP and Luciferianism because I was getting messages
(mentally from Lucifer) he just kept trying to get my attention so after two years of this, I said fuck it ill give it ago (keep in mind I grew up in a very religious mentality although I have practiced magick and spirituality previous to this calling) I had ordered a book on him by Asenath Mason and it had arrived and I gave it a read. I don’t know why but I just threw it away, seriously I just can’t figure out why the fuck I did that I was so ready for this and then a dropped it like wtf? Then I went around asking other deities to take him away from me (seriously idk what got into me) this gave me temporary peace of mind (thinking he was gone) But later that night very late at night I woke up suddenly and I saw an inverted pentagram with what looked like the design of a fox or a wolf was on it in my minds eye(kinda like the Baphomet pentagram but with a fox or wolf) and suddently the temperature of the room changed and I felt extreemly bad and was over whelmed by a presense and the words “Angel of Death” and a name that started with a TH- (coulden’t remember the rest) Thauvel or something idk after word its presense vanished when I tooked notice of it. Later that day Lucifer’s presence continued to be quite there like it had been for previous times? What the hell is going on I’m so confused??

What is your general experience in the occult and magic and what are your feelings towards Lucifer?
If you buy the book and read it that tills me you are puting in time and energy for this but it tells me nothing of why you hesitate.
Is Lucifer the incarnation of evil for you?
If nothing of the kind Why not try communicate with gim and see what he wants with you?


I’ve been practicing magick for four years but have been very serious about it for the past 2.
I really don’t see Lucifer as a dark spirit I see him as a good spirit honestly.
I was raised to believe this guy was the evil of the world so naturally getting used to this isn’t easy
And no way I’m gonna communicate with whatever that thing was late last night.

I’m just confused on why Lucifer wants to get in touch with me?


Perhaps you need to direct the question to Lucifer himself.
Evoke/Invoke him.


Whats the best day of the work to evoke or invoke him?

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IMO, Any day should be just fine!


Alright then

What i wanted to get to is that you was raised with Lucifer being the bad guy.
You say that you see him as good but it may be as simple as that you subconciously still view him as a bad guy and thats is what stopping you from working with it.
If that is the case then you could reprogram your mind via different techniques and change your sunconcious image of Lucifer or the other way is jump in the deep end of the pool. Evoce Lucifer for yourself and let the result of that be your guide.


I don’t think he’s upset with you . You say you’ve been practicing magick so you likely have alot of knowledge and experience . I say before you read all about him from others, evoke him and get to know him personally . That’s the best way to truly grasp who he is. Religious programming is hard to eradicate from your subconscious, and even reading others experience will paint THEIR picture in your mind too. Find out for yourself, it’s the best way.
I will tell you he is absolutely lovely. Words couldn’t properly describe his energy and his warmth. You’ll be pleasantly surprised:)


This. :relaxed:


Will do.

The reason I see him now as a good spirit is what I saw during a meditation when I was meditating his name I saw something amazing, to say the least.

lucifer is a good spirit apart from all spirit smthing push me to work with seeing and reading what you guys are reading make me and feel more to push on and feel Lucifer love and teaching from the start i don no anything about his badness what our enemies says that he will destroy you guy mean i can talk to him any day

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