Is Lucifer trying to get my attention? Or trying to tell me something?

After watching E.As video of a live Lucifer rituals I run into his name non stop! My sister is even saying his name randomly. If he’s trying to get my attention he has done a damn good job. The only thought I have is to try and evoke him to ask if he is, or to even ask if he will reveal my spirit servitors name.


It’s possible you are focusing on it , and bringing it into your reality , this also commonly happens with synchronicity numbers like 11:11. People will see them then think about them for a while then keep seeing it , so they manifest it themselves . If you feel your intuition is genuinely telling you to work with him then do so


Thats the thing, I’m not thinking about it. I blew it off the first 2 times and it kept happenings. Now I feel like if I keep ignoring it will be a waste of an opertunity.

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Gopher it

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Your not gonna believe this. My friend makes music and he just posted a song called demons.

This is one of those times where you need to listen to your intuition. If you think Lucifer is trying to contact you perhaps its time to meet him half way.

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Reveal your spirit servitors name? What do u mean by this? Isnt a servitor a magickal construct? Im fairly certain a servitor has what name u give it.

If you think Lucifer is trying to tell you something, then it’s best to call him and ask. He knows best I guess.

I still don’t know… I watched a video of E.A do a Lucifer ritual and I watched till the end and he started bringing the viewer into the ritual and I went along with it and he said Lucifer will send you a spirit servitor and you need to find its name. I’ll try and find a link.

I found it:

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@John_Wick I always see synchronicity numbers like 11:11. However I was born on the 11/11 and my house number is 11. What is your take on that? As I am most certain there is an underlining meaning

it’s up to your own intuition and emotional guidance system to make use of the numbers , what their role in your life is . I couldn’t give you an objective answer ,

Tbh I am just seeing those kind numbers all the time…I think this requires some investigative work. Thanks anyway

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I found this which explains the meaning of magic numbers of 11:11, 222, etc

I will further my research :sunglasses:

Try contacting him. Its a sign.

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@DanaMorgan I agree. If you having synchronicities and signs about this, then you should contact him. As long as you have researched him and gotten know and understand him (as recommended by most of the magicians of the LHP) I think you will be pleasantly surpised.


That is my next step. I want to learn about him and do some research.

That is going to be my first spirit I evoke.