Is Lucifer Safe For A Beginner?

Hello E.A! I come from a Roman Catholic family, they aren’t that religious but when they learned that I am interested in black magick they started calling it evil.

I am new to magick and I wish to work with Lucifer, but everyone around me is discouraging me by calling him evil and a liar. Should I evoke him as a beginner? What do you think? What is your experience with him and is he safe to work with?

Would love an answer! Blessings, Daniel from Sweden.


@DanielW666 I think so. Ask someone else though to be sure.


I began with study and conversation, a lot of sigil meditation for the first few weeks. He was my first evocation years ago, but I wouldn’t define anyone as ‘safe’ for the unprepared.

It was a beautiful and very planned ritual, but I already knew how to enter deep trance states, had already done a complex desecration ritual to sever any potential deleterious ties and psychological/spiritual blocks and by then, I could clearly hear/feel his voice/presence, as in: he selected his own offerings, decor, and the time for the evocation. As far a lies, he displayed for me my self-deception and personal self-destructive evil and instructed me on a better path. I’d say he is far more honest than I am because I’m am expert at hearing what I want to hear and running with it to my detriment.

Exhausted afterward, I followed up with a very high fat, high protein smoothie and had a wonderful day.



It is they who are the liars. Evoke Lucifer, he’s perfect for beginners, as he is very gentle, kind, and patient. He’s also an amazing teacher.

Ah, but don’t mistake him for a fluff bunny. He is very powerful, and if you disrespect him, he’ll become the exact opposite of what I’ve just described him as.


The first time I evoked Lucifer he told me he was holding back his power so as not to scare me. Go into the work expecting to learn from him, and approach with mutual respect.


Disagreed. Lucifer is anything but ego. Ego blinds. Lucifer enlightens.


Lucifer is the conscious quantum force of light.


@AdeptusTX Lightbringer right?


Yup. And he made it very clear to me what being a light bringer means


Lucifer is absolutely amazing.

You cannot go wrong with him. Amazingly compassionate, kind, and powerful.


If Lucifer or any another spirit has shown up in your life and appeared to you and you feel like that you cant get “rid” of them then that usually is positive that they want to work with you.

Lucifer especially. He is very patient and will follow you around your whole life if he has to till you get the message. If you ask him to he will help your will to keep on going in your studies. He will give you a drive to keep going and not give up on yourself no matter what people are saying about him.

Also that is the exact reason to work with demons. The more we work with them and call out their names we clear their names up. We become witnesses to their power and thier willingness to help humanity. We dont realise how much we are bringing their power into the world. It seems trivial to us but this is something very valuable they get from working with us.


I just felt that it was important to add that my spirit husband met with Lucifer and Lucifer called him a spiritual son of his and he has been taking his own seperate journey through the infernal while i go through mine. Worlds or whatever you would like to call them.

He is with Lilith and naamah now. They are teaching him about human motivations and desire. He doesnt understand humans very well and he doesnt think there is value in learning. However he has enough insight and enough of an open mind to know he could be wrong. And also im human so it would help him understand me better.

Spirits have their own desire to learn, grow and evole too as well. I think Lucifer wanted me to mention that because my hand seems to want to write things on its own today :sweat_smile:


Viewed as the demon of air and not necessarily high ranked, yes.
As emperor, not for beginners, but there is the chance that he will send one of his subordinate entities (which may also be contacted directly prior than him. E.g. according to, I believe, Grimorium Verum: Lucifuge, Bael, Agares…)

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Been there accidentally… That was a hell of a time… Im not sure if he/she still resents me…

But, OP, yes, Lucifer is great with beginners


I could check that for you. Lucifer and I are close.


If you wouldn’t mind too much :slight_smile:


Not at all.


would you mind sharing his sigil please? I have found multiple ones on the net as reading this forum rn at work lol. Not sure which one is the legit one and I’m a newbie
This picture is what I found now


The sigil you posted works for Lucifer in my experience


Thank you , I’ll try meditating and gazing to get some result :metal:t3: