Is Lucifer leading me towards Saturn?

I’ve always been a Luciferian, but ultimately I’m attracted towards Saturn and its dark power.
It could be Lucifer that is pushing me towards this cult?
Any thoughts…

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I’m not too familiar with Saturn and His energy…but I don’t see why it can’t be. Each spirit has their specialty, so maybe you are in need of some lessons that Saturn is best to teach

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Saturn is time. Saturn stops. Look up the black cube of Saturn.

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I was lead into Saturn work just over a year ago while I was in Lucifer’s current and the experiences of the two modes of consciousness wove together very seamlessly. I do have to say maybe as a warning, I did wind up in a “hell on earth” mentality during this time, and very soon after I had to make extreme changes in my life. Ultimately though, this was for the best. My work with Saturn seems now almost like a test of what I had learned and gained from Lucifer. He was one of, if not the best friend I had during that time. If you do immerse yourself in that heavy, black vibe of Saturn and you evoke or invoke Lucifer, you will feel feel his energy within and around you very clearly because of the contrast between the two. This is one of the huge benefits of working within both currents at the same time.


I mean, just ask him. No one can answer this better than him.

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SATaN?? SATurN?? Coincidence??

You decide.

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Satan is calling me?

I would say yes, I know for a fact He is doing this with me.

What does it means stay under Saturn, from Luciferian perspective? Why Lucifer is bringing me towards that kind of energy?


Do we have Saturnian Warlocks around? I’m interested in this too as I understand once you go towards Saturn there is no coming back meaning you don’t need to work with any other entity from any realm. Saturn can make chaos around you work in your favour. I wonder what Lucifer’s reason is?

I work with Saturn quite often. I have a permanent altar dedicated to him, and give offerings weekly. I will say Saturn is no joke, his energy will make you depressed and miserable when you first start out. However, as time goes on you’ll get used to. In my case I’ve become much more productive than I’ve ever been before. People who give me readings can feel Saturns energy embedded in me

Hey @Vovin, Well people think different about the Satan aspect around here. But let’s keep it simple. Lucifer has a Saturn aspect. It can be the Azazel mask or it could be the Samael mask (Mars too) but linked to Satan aspect. In my case he wants me to work with Samael.


How is work with saturnian aspect of Lucifer?

@Vovin, I think its it’s more his darker aspect. As we’ve mentioned you can call on his light and on his dark aspect. Maybe he even spontaneous will show his darker aspect.
And people could get a bit scared at first but he tries to make you feel at ease. And it’s gives you a strong chilling feeling/energy too. But at the end it’s only difference in energy, nothing to be afraid of.