Is Lucifer And Satan The Same Being?

I ask because i had a dream with me and EA Koetting in it (dead serious here).And in that dream i was in awe that i was sitting with EA Koetting himself.He said something about father Satan and summoning demons i think.He definitely said father Satan but i’m not too sure about the summoning demons part since i can’t remember that part really.I got the sense it was something of importance he was trying to tell me.Anyway i’m not going to put too much significance on this one dream yet and assume a certain spirit wants to work with me unless i keep having dreams such as this.

They are two different spirits.

They are definately two different Beings.

We, personally, do not believe in the actual existence of Satan as an external intelligence. However we had profound workings with Potentate Lucifer…that is our personal view and opinion.

E.A. views Satan as a literal and sentient entity:

The Term “Satan” comes from the titles of the middle east. Namely “Shaitan” or “Shaytan” These all come from similar creature but are used in different ways.

In it’s Original use of a ‘Evil’ It is a Hebrew word meaning ‘enemy’ or ‘opposer’ For anyone to call you a Shaytan, using that meaning they would be calling you their enemy or opposition.

Shaitan however is Islamic, it doesn’t mean a single being, it means a group. In Islamic tradition, the Shaitan are evil Jinn (Genies) who disobeyed God and refused to bow before Man, and see Man as his master.

Iblis, is the actually figure head for the Islamic ‘Satan’ or ‘Devil’ and that would make sense because being a Jinn, he is created from fire.

Lucifer however is a Angel or Fallen Angel supposedly. S/he is the bringer of light wisdom and knowledge upon man. Many folklore talk about divine beings or brought knowledge to mankind. Namely a Titan who gave the power of fire to man, and was punished for it by Zeus. I think he was call Premethies.

Interesting read if you look at the Book of Job in the Bible, it mentions “Satan” arguing with God in heaven, that should God remove Job’s blessings, Job will no longer Worship him. Interesting That “Satan” is ‘in heaven’ centuries after he was cast out.

So to answer this question, Yes and No. Satan is anything that is “the enemy” or “opposes”. Lucifer -IS- ‘Satan’ by that definition, but ‘Satan’ is not Lucifer.

We can talk the origins of words all we want, but the real question is whether the entities that respond to Lucifer and Satan are the same. They are not…they separate, sentient entities.

Well, I may have only been 9 at the time; and ‘whoever it was’ may well have been lying when he said his name was satan; but i am pretty damn sure when he walked through my bedroom wall, introduced himself as Satan; and after a little chit chat I ended up pinned to the top of the wall and cieling for about 5 mins while my room was completely thrown like 10 drill sgts, on pcp went nuts in it- people can BELIEVE what they want about him being a real external being or not; I am pretty settled on the matter that if he is not- then it was someone claiming to be him in my room being an imposter- or it was him and he most certainly is a real external entity (as I have met him afew other times- and he seemed pretty external separate and sovereign to me) so belief does not hold a candle to what anyone says in my world- especially since in no case whatsoever have I ever thought him up, called for him asked for him, conjured him or even had him on my mind. I strongly suspect anyone saying he is not a real external being- has never had the pleasure of his actual external company- so anything else they say about him after that holds water like a sive for me. Namaah

[quote=“Araignee, post:3, topic:4428”]They are definately two different Beings.

We, personally, do not believe in the actual existence of Satan as an external intelligence. However we had profound workings with Potentate Lucifer…that is our personal view and opinion.[/quote]

Well i came primarily from a christian upbringing being taught lucifer and satan were one and the same being,but i guess being indoctrinated for more than half my life its still hard for me to think otherwise.I have cut ties with my former beliefs but some of those beliefs are very stubborn and still won’t let go even after over 10 years of throwing my bible in a dumpster.I guess my subconscious just won’t take the hint.

Yes, yes. Same story, until I took new testament literature in college and my nice greek prof destroyed my reality by explaining that it was one of many translation fuck-ups. When Jerome translated the passage from the latin into old-school English, he didn’t translate the word lucifer, but let it stand though its latin. That isaiah passage is the sole instance in the bible mentioning lucifer. For whatever reason “lord of the morning” is Englishified in the rest of the conglomeration. Gah. That class was a nightmare of fundamentalist depression and at 8am to top it off. On the plus-side, I got exposure to the encyclopedia of witches and witchcraft, so it wasn’t a total loss…a lot of migraines, though.

Mythology aside, they are totally different in my bizarre reality.

So to answer this question, Yes and No. Satan is anything that is "the enemy" or "opposes". Lucifer -IS- 'Satan' by that definition, but 'Satan' is not Lucifer.

In my opinion, in Semitic languages the word for “enemy” is Satan for the same reason the word for “dark-skinned person” is “slave.” Language in authoritarian cultures tends to get rigged so unorthodox thoughts are difficult to express in words.

My current understanding is that Sat, Saht-tan, Sat-nam, Sat-urn, shey, and shey-tan all go back to a root language where they designate a kernel of meaning that seems to be expressive of collective totality, particularly a designated totality within consciousness, or a designated totality of spirits. I think Satanail might have been basically the higher Saturnian counterpart to the solar Metatron - the gate through which the totality of planetary spirits emerge, the base of which they are expressive, from which they emerge and into which they dissolve.

The adversary is the death god who is both eater of and eaten by the dragon (chaos). The devil archetypes is the same everywhere and share the same motifs, but are not identical due to the prominence and value associated with culturally differentiated colours and symbols. Sutekh/Ahriman/Typhon/Lucifer/Loki/Satan maybe even Krishna, Shiva more accurately, all refer to the snakeman or one who is of both dark and light.

I’ve called on Set-Satan and Lucifer for aid, wisdom and knowledge. I sense they are separate entities however I have never seen them separatly as spirit beings in the same room. Kind of like Cark Kent and Superman :slight_smile:

I have called both Satan and Lucifer at the same time and seen them manifest in the same room.

I am surely not one to know, but I am my own, so when I look at this question my feeling is, Lucifer is a name, an exact name of something, (a entity). Satan I feel is a Realm, or a level of some sort which entities can manifest into or become of. For example Satanism is certain type of ideological and philosophical beliefs that has formed a religion, but it’s not a belief in a particular entity.

However, I have had Satan wanting to show me his true self in which he did after his third request. Keep in mind, if I stick to my feelings above this could be any entity/ or even my own mind that molds itself to a particular set of boundries/laws to this particular realm.

Lucifer, I KNOW, is an entity. Satan, I KNOW, is an entity.

When I see your post I just can’t help but think you’re full of it. Really I’m just jealous though. You must have put in a lot of work to be able to commune with these entities like you do.

Cool stuff. I’d like to be able to do what you do and experience it for myself.

It’s not that hard. I mean, I was kinda just naturally good ay communication, but the process of refining and developing the faculty is easy. You just need to work at it regularly.