Is lucifer a 6th dimensional entity oppressing everyone on earth and going to harvest our souls

I read on another forum some insider high up that he is a part of oppressing humanity to play the negative polarity.

He said they worship lucifer, a 6th demensional entity helping them to oppress everyone on earth and going to harvest our souls.

Do you agree lucifer is a 6th dimensional soul first of all?

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Inside of what? High up where?

What’s the sixth dimention? And the fifth?

And do what with our souls?


So like a lich/lichen? (Soul sucking beastie?)

Lol I hope not. :rofl::joy: I am not done with mine yet, personally speaking.

Did they give you any idea where they conjured this idea up from? It sounds kinda like they are just fucking with people/crazy/maybe high/telling you about their nightmares? (So I have weird dreams sometimes, maybe they do too…:eyes:)


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Good one!



say your goodbyes


They way he described it was that earth there are 13 families. 10 that are not of this world and 3 of this world. Ther have a family agenda to oppress humanity.

I don’t know about the 5th dimension.

I don’t know he just said there was an agenda to harvest our souls.

Am I allowed to post the forum so it makes more sense?


This idea sounds really limiting to me. I mean, being a “6th dimensional being” but focusing on “harvesting souls on earth” alone? That sounds actually like something that someone made up who doesn’t even know much about the possibilities of the good ol’ number six (dimensional wise). No front, tho.


I’d like to offer a perspective, there are many who believe in these lines, that lucifer is this evil being after our souls.

I personally don’t believe so based on my experiences with him, and I’d like to add that it’s important to scrutinise where you get certain information from.

There are people who believe the earth is flat or that we are enslaved by a race of draconian beings.

What’s important is who feeds you the information.

Having worked with Lucifer, I don’t believe he’s as you claim. He’s not evil to me, though he can have a bit of a temper I think.

I would suggest you inform yourself from people who had a direct experience with Lucifer and not believe all the conspiracy theories at face value.


Lucifer never showed up when I tried summoning him

That happened to me many times too, develop yourself and try again


@getto Are you able to see and hear spirits? If not you wouldn’t know if he did show (it’d be like asking a blind person to pick the red crayon from the box without any assistance or the deaf person to duplicate the sound of do Rey me on a piano by playing by ear with no sheet music and the person not having watched the person play the music).

Add: as to being a 6th dimension soul eater or whatever? I once heard he was a 7th dimension overseer who’s job is to make sure god the universe and everything doesn’t discover the meaning of life is 42 and make sure we don’t blow up. Does it really matter? Unless you experience him taking your soul he’s not a soul taker unless you see him removing all answers with the number 42 in then what to do any of the rumours about him matter?

Live learn experience don’t believe blindly. :peace_symbol:


Whoever said that is most likely role-playing.

Lucifer hates oppression and he isn’t actively going after people’s souls.

And I don’t know enough about the sixth dimension to comment on whether or not he’s part of it.


My own UPG suggests he’s more like 12th. As the light bringer he’s closer to a deity level higher being, as in, an ascended, as I call them. There are many imitations, egregores and parasites wanting to cash in on the name of course.

Humans will be humans :smiley:

The best thing I can say about this is, “believe nothing you hear, and only half you see”.

Look within and ask yourself what you believe is true. Your subconscious already knows, because you asked the question, let it tell you, not us, and not some random larper online.


I’ve seen some of this stuff too, it’s not as intense as this from a YouTuber names Jeremiah as the Universal Master, he talks a lot about souls being shelled in the Qlippothic hell realms.

“there’s a little black spot on the sun today…”


Probably. At least I hope so. We should all be going to bed scared every night.

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Oh yes he did.
Try working on senses. Feel the air let go of everything (from meditation to almost sleep, trance…). Goosebumps, temperature changing. And then you will get something.
Even if it’s only a feeling.

No, and yes I understand the concept of multiple dimensions.
The problem is, it’s the same Lucifer who controls (just like his brother, Michael) these dimensions.
And your soul is yours. You can’t sell it and nobody can take it.

First of all that guy is a troll and full of shit. As far as Lucifer, have you ever met the guy? Rebellion against tyranny and freedom are his whole bag. Sort of exactly the opposite of what you described. But the biblical God on the other hand… Well now, that is him in a nutshell, oppressing the world and trying to collect souls :thinking: sounds like Christianity, Judaism and Islam to me.


And really i need to ask,can more than three spatial dimensions really exist?

Can any mind or being in all of existence really even imagine or visualize 4Dimensional space,5D space,6D space,and so on?

Who can visualize or imagine in any way a space of more than 3 dimensions?

Okay some might say 4D is time but i dunno.

What if you were made of 99 time dimensions and 999999999 spatial dimensions?

Is it God or humans who do it?

Please be more careful who you accuse of being a massive oppressor, some of us on this forum follow the Abrahamic faiths as well